Scenes of Israel Calendar 2021

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight” (Prov. 3:6).

Order now our full-color 12-month calendars for your family, church, prayer group or holiday gifts. Our 12-month calendar offers encouraging Bible quotations and photos from the Holy Land. Four of the calendar photos were printed for note cards.

“More than the sounds of many waters, than the mighty breakers of the sea, the Lord on high is mighty” (Ps. 93:4).

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2020 Calendar: The Walled City of Jerusalem

The Walled City of Jerusalem

Our 2020 calendar is waiting for you to enjoy a journey of the sites, history, artifacts and a daily life in the Lord’s land. May the scenes prompt you to pray for peace and meditate His life and teaching.

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Gift Cards

New Product!

Beautifully designed greeting cards. These are wonderful to have and the make a great gift for friends and family.

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Scenes of Israel Note Cards

We have produced for you a set of four cards (4 cards with 4 envelopes) of beautiful scenes from Israel. Order now for your correspondence needs. CAL21 Note Cards

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 Blessed is the Match 

The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh In 1944, 22-year old Hannah Senesh parachuted into Nazi-occupied Europe with a small group of Jewish volunteers from Palestine. It was the only military rescue mission for Jews that took place during WW2. This multi-award-winning production follows the remarkable journey of the young Hungarian poet and diarist, paratrooper, and resistance fighter. Told through Hannah’s letters, diaries and poems, her mother’s memoirs, and the recollections of those who knew and loved her─including two of her fellow parachutists─the film traces her life from her childhood in Budapest to her time in British-controlled Palestine. Hannah was drawn to Palestine by the Kibbutz Movement that sought to build an independent Jewish state. The film ends with the daring mission to rescue Jews in her native Hungary. 

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ISRAEL-The Royal Tour


This non-stop, the ground-breaking adventure takes you on a historic journey throughout Israel, at the intersection of the world’s before through Netanyahu and Greenberg also venture into locations, not in guidebooks that hold special meaning to the Prime Minister, and yet, they are entirely accessible to any traveler. Also, Greenberg sits down with Netanyahu for a candid and unrehearsed discussion about the ever-changing state of affairs in the Middle East. Peter Greenberg is a multiple Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist, host, and producer. He is best known as the travel editor for CBS News, appearing on CBS Evening News, and CBS Sunday Morning. Also, he hosts the nationally syndicated Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show, broadcast every week from a different location around the globe. 

D47b Israel–The Royal Tour $26.00 

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“It was not their country, but they made it their war” This DVD documentary features events of 1948, just three years after the liberation of Nazi death camps, of how a group of Jewish-American pilots answered a call for help. In secret and at great personal risk, they smuggled planes out of the U.S., trained behind the Iron Curtain in Czechoslovakia, and flew for Israel in its War of Independence. As members of Machal─volunteers from an abroad─this ragtag band of brothers not only turned the tide of the war; they also embarked on personal journeys of discovery and renewed Jewish pride. 

This is an educational and must-see movie about Israel becoming a state. The country was formed after the British decided to leave the region The Jewish community needed a place to call their own and to defend it. With an untrained army and small in numbers, they had very little chance of beating back the surrounding Arab armies. After the United States refused to be involved, the Jewish community began buying old planes from any country willing to sell them. It turned out that those old planes gave the Israeli military an upper hand to win their war and earn their land. 

An American pilot writes after viewing the documentary: “This is the best account of that dramatic effort that I have encountered, including footage never seen before. The Mahal pilots helped to give birth to the modern Israeli Air Force. These pilots deserve to be remembered and honored.” The film producer is Steven Spielberg’s sister, Nancy Spielberg. (Photo gallery included. Length 85 minutes, not rated.) 

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AMERICA in the Last Days

Dr. Peter Wyns shows us in the Bible, God’s promise of end-time revivals. He takes us through the exceptional history of America and points to God’s laws of sowing and reaping. It is easy to recognize America’s failures, but  God also sees her valiant exploits, and He does not forget. It is time for the church to embrace a victorious eschatology. America in the Last Days will inspire faith and help posture you to be in step with heaven. It is time to embrace a message of hope.

Price: $21.00

The Last Hour

An Israeli insider looks at the end-times by Amir Tsarfati

As the last hour approaches, it is time to topple misconceptions and discern God’s true plan. We all have questions about the end times. But as an Israeli Messianic believer and a respected Bible teacher, Amir Tsarfati explains biblical prophecy is a mystery, not a secret. With deep, thought-provoking insight into biblical prophecy, and its modern-day

application, Amir’s exploration of the Bible is both fresh and fascinating. Understanding is available to anyone who takes the time to study it. Let this book be your guide. There is hope in the midst of chaos. No matter what happens, God is in control. He will protect His own. “What God has promised to His people, He is fulfilling. I believe that God is going to use The Last Hour to open hearts to the Gospel.”  – Dr. David Jeremiah.

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The Glory of Thy People Israel

by Lance Lambert

In Jeremiah 30:17 we read: “For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, said the Lord; because they have called thee an outcast, saying, It is Zion, for whom no one cares.” That is exactly true of the history of the Jewish people. They were a people for whom no one cared. For 1,800 years the Jews were outcasts, and everyone looked down upon them and treated them as such. However, the Lord Himself said: “I have seen this; I Myself will restore health unto thee. I Myself will heal thee of thy wounds.” God is working a work in such a way that this nation of Israel becomes a testimony to the absolute authority and relevance of His Word. That is true of its recreation, its regathering, it's rebuilding, and the restoration of its fertility and ecology. However, it is in the immediate years that lie ahead that its greatest witness to the faithfulness of God will be revealed to the nations. ─ Lance Lambert

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Wilbur’s music and ministry have been embraced by millions of people all around the world. This album contains ten best loved songs, such as Blessed is He, Call On The Name, Resting Place, Where Could I Go and Glory Come Down. For the closing of the worship, Paul sings over you The Aaronic Blessing, in Hebrew and in English. SELAH, an instrumental worship is an album that invites the Prince of Peace with hope and encouragement into your times of personal devotion and reflection.

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with PM Benjamin Netanyahu

This non-stop, the groundbreaking adventure takes you on a historic journey throughout Israel, at the intersection of the world’s three great religions. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Peter Greenberg explore Israel as you have never seen it before─through the eyes of its leader. D47

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Blessing, Curse or Co-incidence? (Volume 1)

blessingCurseA two-hour documentary, presented by Lance Lambert, is packed with Biblical teaching of God’s covenant purposes. (Hatikvah Film Trust, The U.K.)

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Michael W. Smith and the London Symphonica Orchestra bring us a beautiful instrumental masterpiece in Glory.

This recording is an epic and wonderfully grand album. It touches the soul without words, with no less effect. The 12 melodies are aptly titled.

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Israel-Birth of a Nation

“A riveting and highly informative documentary for anyone interested in Israel's War of Independence, with penetrating commentary from the greatest historian of Jewish history today, Sir Martin Gilbert, together with real live footage from the War of Independence and shots of Israel from today.”

Israel─Birth of a Nation is the saga of a country won by courage and determination and of a people finally returned to the land from which they came. (Run time: 100 minutes)    D29


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MEUD 2013 June Update

MEUD 2013 June Update

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Roar from Zion CD

This production is a live worship experience captured on location at the Pavilion Center in Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles and the 70th Anniversary of the rebirth of the State of Israel. This CD, was produced as the result of a vision formed through the inspiration from the Book of Joel. It is comprised of mostly new original songs by Paul Wilbur, Jamie Hilsden, Sarah Liberman, Josh Aaron, Shae Wilbur, Dan Needham, and others, for the restoration of Zion and the spiritual foundations of the Church. Order today this collection of new dynamic songs of praise and worship.

Price: $18.00

The Israeli Solution

by Caroline B. Glick
Between 1970 and 2013, the United States presented nine (9) peace plans for Israel and the Palestinians, and for the past twenty years, the two-state solution has been the centerpiece of U.S. Middle East policy. But despite
this laser focus, American efforts to implement a two-state peace deal have
failed─and with each new attempt, the Middle East has become less stable, more violent and more radicalized.

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Bring Us Back

Joshua Aaron’s CD with songs of Blessed Be Our God, Adonai,  Psalm 121, HalleluYah and others bring to mind the Babylonian Exile and later return to Jerusalem.

Price: $18.00

God Keeps Covenant

by Wendy BeckettGodKeepsCovenant
A Thirty-Day Study of God’s Love for Israel
There are so many questions among Christians today concerning the Lord’s
relationship with the Jewish people. Why is much of the Church silent on this whole issue? In this book, Wendy D. Beckett reveals God’s love for His chosen people.

Price: $11.00

Jacob’s Tears-Am I my brother’s keeper? Presented by Lance Lambert (2015)

JacobsTears“Jacob’s Tears” is the Volume II of the “Blessing, Curse or Co-incidence?” series based on Genesis 12:5.
The full-length documentary features groundbreaking interviews with German Church leaders, the son of a Nazi SS officer and Holocaust survivors that will move and challenge you. Questions such as Could Nazi atrocities have been avoided?, Is healing and forgiveness possible? and How should the Church respond to rising Anti-Semitism today? Receive unexpected answers.

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MEUD May 2011 Mp3

MEUD May 2011 Mp3 Update

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Roar From Zion DVD

This production is a live worship experience captured on location at the Pavilion Center in Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles and the 70th Anniversary of the rebirth of the State of Israel. This DVD, was produced as the result of a vision formed through the inspiration from the Book of Joel. It is comprised of mostly new original songs by Paul Wilbur, Jamie Hilsden, Sarah Liberman, Josh Aaron, Shae Wilbur, Dan Needham, and others, for the restoration of Zion and the spiritual foundations of the Church. Order today this collection of new dynamic songs of praise and worship.

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The Mountains of Israel

The Mountains of Israel, The Bible & the West Bank  by Norma Parrish Archbold

The people of Israel are people of destiny. We are seeing today the fulfillment of Isaiah 34:17–35:1, “They shall possess it forever, from  generation to generation shall they dwell therein.” Those who believe in the Scriptures have a responsibility to stand against enemies and support Israel. ─ Zola Levitt

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An impressive thread of Praise runs through the career of Michael W. Smith. The Worship CD is an unforgettable release, recorded live for an awe-inspiring praise and worship event for all listeners. In Worship, the Holy Spirit is so obviously present. Take this CD with you wherever you go, work or relax. Be blessed.



Price: $18.00

Cast A Giant Shadow

During the early phase of the 1948 War of Israel’s Independence (November 1947–May 1948), local Arab forces took control of the hills overlooking the road to Jerusalem between

"Cast A Giant Shadow" was re-mastered in HD in 2014. It powerfully dramatizes a part of Israel’s heroic struggle for independence. Originally filmed in 1966 with Kirk Douglas, Yul Brenner, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Senta Berger and Angie Dickson. Recommended as a historic drama.

Price: $21.00

God’s Promise and the Future of Israel

God’s Promise and the Future of Israel by Don Finto What does Scripture say about the future of Israel? How does it affect the Church and how can the Church fulfill its role in this end-time scenario? (229 pages, published by Regal Books) B31

Price: $12.00

January 2012 Updates

This is Lance Lambert speaking and this is my update for January 2012. It is amazing to me how quickly the years pass. It is already 2012. A year for crises for Israel, the Middle East and the world in general. The last year, 2011, was a year of change. Earthquakes….

Media files

Your download will consist of the following files:

  • January 2012 -1- Introduction
  • January 2012 -2- Amman Talks
  • January 2012 -3- Iran, IAEA and US Election
  • January 2012 -4- Arab Spring
  • January 2012 -5- Tensions and Stress in Israel
  • January 2012 -6- A Burden
  • January 2012 -7- Nations Against Jerusalem
  • January 2012 -8- A Call to Intercession

Price: $4.00

MEUD May 2011 transcript

MEUD May 2011 written transcripts.

Price: $4.00

Shabbat Shalom

shabbatShalomThis incredible new book invites you to partake in the weekly Old Testament study by Sondra Oster Baras, director of Christian Friends of Israeli Communities in Karnei Shomron, Israel. I have tried to communicate my love for the Bible through these following essays and hope they will serve to stimulate broader discussion and interpretation of the Bible.”


Price: $22.00

The Nativity Story

The-Nativity-StoryThe journey of a lifetime! Your family will love this inspirational story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

Price: $18.00

Worship In Jerusalem

Worship-in-JerusalemWorship in Jerusalem with King of Kings Assembly (CD)

Price: $17.00

Celtic Christmas 2014

Celtic-Christmas---CovannenThis instrumental album includes melodies such as God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, We Three Kings, O Little Town of Bethlehem, The Holly and The Ivy, and Silent Night. Melodies of Wexford Carol, Breton Carol and Three Ships represent the lively Irish tradition.

Price: $18.00

He is My Defense

By Marty GoetzHe is my Defense

Price: $17.00

January 2013 Updates

This is Lance Lambert speaking and this is my update for January 2013. It is amazing to me how quickly the years pass. It is already 2013. A year for crises for Israel, the Middle East and the world in general. The last year, 2012, was a year of change.

Media files

Your download will consist of the following files:

  1. January 2013  Introduction
  2. January 2013
  3. January 2013 Zechariah 12:1
  4. January 2013 Islam Surrounding Israel
  5. January 2013 Elections
  6. January 2013 Weather

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Millennium The Lord Reigns

Millennium-2011by David Dolan
A novel of life in the Millennium - the thousand year reign of the King of Kings.Millennium, The LORD Reigns (novel 2011)
The main characters, Jonathan and Sara Goldman and their earthly children and friends, descend to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem with the Conquering Messiah, Yeshua, the Master of the Universe. Now living in their eternal bodies, they begin new lives in the Millennium─the thousand year reign of the King of Kings centered in the Holy City, which is spreading out from Israel to the rest of the recovering world. While celebrating the Lord’s everlasting reign in the Jerusalem Temple, Jonathan and Sarah are reunited with saints from all the ages, including some family members they did not expect to see in glory. Some of the redeemed saints are soon sent out to rule earth’s small human population; mostly children who survived the end-time tribulation.

As the contrast increases between the Shining One’s majestic rule and the darkness of defiant human sin, the Millennial Kingdom rushes to a final showdown that pits two family members against each other in a dramatic clash of titanic proportions.

Price: $20.00

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus

Rabbi-Jesus-196x300Sit at His feet and learn firsthand about His kingdom.

Price: $19.00

The Road to Jerusalem

Road-to-Jerusalem-DVDThe Road to Jerusalem, Music CD features 19 worship songs by Paul Wilbur, Ted Pearce & young artists such as Rachel Washington.

Price: $17.00

Yom Kippur War

Oct2011_img_91Yom Kippur War You won’t want to miss this incredible documentary of the Yom Kippur War (1973).

Price: $18.00

Appointment in Jerusalem

Derek and Lydia Prince This is the riveting true story of a young school teacher and her courageous quest to know God’s will for her life. In Lydia Prince’s search for God and her life’s purpose, she is led to Jerusalem, where she learns the power of prayer and experiences many miracles of provision and protection. Lydia rescues a dying baby girl and then miraculously survives many dangers, including gunfire, siege, and barricades. She enters into her true appointment from God and in the process, rescues several abandoned sick, and orphaned children from disease and death. Follow Lydia’s astounding journey and see how you, too, can experience powerful answers to prayers, be guided through difficult challenges, find God’s unique plans for your life, and learn the secret to being led by God. Discover how God can remarkably use those who trust him. (Paperback, 200 pages) For our 2005 Israel tour, we included a day with Derek Prince Israel's directors. They took us to see the neighborhoods where Derek, Lydia, and the girls had lived. We saw their houses and learned about the circumstances of their lives. We saw the neighborhood where Lydia Christensen first arrived, the outdoor market where she shopped for necessities, and the post office on Jaffa Road where she picked up her mail. Much has changed in Jerusalem since Lydia’s days, but the same streets, neighborhoods, and even the buildings where Lydia lived are still there for any traveler to see. Next time you travel to Jerusalem, take a map and Lydia’s book with you and make your way to the locations mentioned in the book. Have a blessed journey! Appointment in Jerusalem for a donation of $50.00 or more.

Childhood Lost

by Shoshana BrayerchildhoodLost

Price: $10.00

Herod’s Temple

by Vision Video

Price: $18.00


 by Jay Sekulow (2018)  (New York Times #1 bestselling author)

In his new book, Jay Sekulow presents a political and historical rationale for the existence of Israel as a sovereign nation. The State of Israel and its very right to exist is a lynchpin issue not only in the Middle East, but it is a critical issue to the world at large. The UNESCO aims to delegitimize Israel and entities such as ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran, want to wipe Israel from the face of the earth. Here is a book that defends Israel’s right to exist. Sekulow looks at the legal case for its prominence, as well as the historical and political rationale as a homeland for the Jews today. He encourages readers to stand with him against the hatred, lies, and efforts to delegitimize one of the world’s oldest nations.

Jay Sekulow is widely regarded as one of the foremost free speech and religious liberties litigators in the U.S., having argued twelve times before the U.S. Supreme Court in the First Amendment cases. As chief counsel of the American Center for Law And Justice (ACLJ), he is a renowned constitutional attorney and an international expert on religious liberty. He is a member of President Trump’s legal team.

Price: $23.00

My House Shall Be A House Of Prayer

 The Lord Jesus described the conditions which would exist before His return when He prophesied: There shall be signs in sun and moon and stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, in perplexity for the roaring of the sea and the billows; men fainting for fear, and for the expectation of the things which are coming on the world; for the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, lift up your heads; because your redemption draweth nigh (Luke 21:25-28). ─Words from the book introduction by Lance Lambert 

Price: $18.00

Six-Day War

The 1967 war against Israel


Price: $18.00

The Silent Years

by Lance Lambert
It seems as if God was silent during those years until John the Baptist was raised up, announcing the arrival of the Messiah’s first coming. But even though God did not speak with Scriptures during those years, He was there working and preparing the way for the arrival of Immanuel. In this volume, Lance Lambert seeks to show what God was doing behind the scenes during this silent period between the two testaments of Scriptures.

Price: $12.00

Your Great Name

yourNameisGreatYour Great Name by Paul Wilbur. This is his first studio album in 20 years!

Price: $15.00

2020 Calendar: The Walled City of Jerusalem

The Walled City of Jerusalem

Our 2020 calendar is waiting for you to enjoy a journey of the sites, history, artifacts and a daily life in the Lord’s land. May the scenes prompt you to pray for peace and meditate His life and teaching.

Price: $15.00

City of Peace

 cityofPeace2Twelve unforgettable instrumental tracks feature six artists including Sean Spicer (guitar), Les Morrison (violin), Joel Chernoff (stringed instruments & vocal), and Jerry Marcellino (saxophone).


Price: $18.00

New Hallelujah

 A NEW HALLELUJAH by Michael W. Smith (CD) 

This CD was recorded live in Houston, Texas with more than 12,000 worshippers in attendance. Artist, composer, author, and worship leader Michael W. Smith recorded his third highly-anticipated worship album A New Hallelujah featuring Israel Houghton, the world-renowned African Children's Choir, an incredible young worship leader named Coalo Zamorano, and a 250-voice choir elevating the songs to amazing moments of praise and worship. 

Those who have this recording love the African Children’s Choir singing with Michael two of the songs, A New Hallelujah and When I Think of You. Other songs include Prepare the Way, Shout Unto God, Majesty, Amazing Grace, The River is Rising, and Healing Rain/Let it Rain. 

Price: $18.00

Son of David

son of DavidTHIS MUSIC will take you back to ancient Jerusalem and let you experience the sounds of the Levites as they worshiped Adonai, the Holy One of Israel. You will hear the words of God sung in Hebrew and English, along with a blending of ancient instruments and modern day psalms from the heart of God's remnant.Join with us, both Jew and Gentile as One New Man in Messiah and worship Yeshua, the Son of David, who is Holy and enthroned in the praises of Israel! (Psalm 22:3)

Price: $17.00

The Star of Bethlehem

by Stephen McEveety

For centuries, skeptics and seekers alike have pondered the star of Bethlehem. The Bible describes unusual or even impossible astronomical events at Christ's birth. Was it a miracle or mere myth? This compelling DVD examines the Scripture, ancient writings, indisputable astronomical facts and more. It is an incredible story that everyone needs to hear.

Price: $18.00

A Million Lights

by Michael W. Smith

This CD was released in February this year, Michael worked with new songwriting talents, resulting in thirteen epic and original songs of wonder and healing. The songs include titles such as Something in My Heart, Footsteps, Love Always Wins, Revolution and Forgive. The lyrics are upbeat and Michael’s voice is even better than when he started out years ago.A Million Lights is a welcome CD for friends of contemporary Christian music.

Price: $18.00

Coming Home

comingHomeAcoustic Piano by Calvin Jones
As you listen to Coming Home, the peace that surpasses all understanding will fill your heart and mind. Familiar Christmas season melodies, such as Jingling Bells, Deck The Halls and Joie De Noel, will delight you and your family. Order copies for the holidays.

Price: $18.00

In the Day of Thy Power

Thy-PowerIn The Day of Thy Power by Lance Lambert

This book grew out of a series of studies given on Psalm 110 some fifty years ago. Lance writes in the
book’s introduction:There is no matter as practically important as this subject. The enthroned Lamb is to be found everywhere in the last book of the Bible, which sums up everything from Genesis to Jude.

Price: $12.00

Jerusalem The Covenant City

CovenantCityDVDPresented by Lance Lambert, this DVD is a feature-length journey through the prophetic destiny of the incomparable city.

Price: $17.00

New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus

newlightDificultWordsDavid Bivin examines Jesus' life as a first-century Jewish Rabbi.

Price: $18.00

Spiritual Character

image003-200x300Lance Lambert’s book about four Old Testaments characters: Prophet Samuel, King Saul, Kind David and King Solomon.

Price: $12.00

The Supremacy of Jesus Christ

sofGod_Lanceby Lance Lambert
It is the supremacy and centrality of the Lord Jesus. That to me is a tremendous well. There is not a single movement in the history of the true church of God that has not begun with a new understanding and a new recognition of Jesus as Lord. When He has been enthroned, as it were, a mighty inner spring of living waters has flowed out that has changed nations and the course of history. And it has always begun with a new understanding of the Lord Jesus.

Price: $9.00

A Psalm in Jenin

Soldiers-on-Ammunition-HillA Psalm in Jenin by Brett Goldberg, A must-read to anyone who wishes to understand the challenges Israel and its soldiers face daily.

Price: $19.00

Cyrus Nations? UK

Narrated by Lance Lambert

This DVD program is the newest release for the “Blessing, Curse or Coincidence?” series

Thousands of years ago, God vowed to Abraham that He would “bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you” (Gen. 12:3). Many individuals, nations, and empires have put God’s Word to the test. Has the history of the United Kingdom─ one of the greatest superpowers the world has ever known─proved the potency and longevity of God’s ancient covenant with Abraham and his descendants?

This documentary film traces the rise and fall of the British Empire alongside Britain’s complex relationship with the Jewish People. What was Britain’s role in the re-birth of Israel in her historic homeland? How did Britain’s rich Christian heritage influence the geopolitical factors surrounding the First and Second World Wars? Was the timing and circumstances of the tumultuous British mandate over Palestine merely coincidental? Is the demise of the British Empire a direct result of a forsaken promise? In ancient times King Cyrus had a call to restore the Jewish People to their homeland. Is the UK a modern-day Cyrus?

Price: $25.00

In the Steps of Moses

Moses-by-Nun-210x300In this Biblical sites series, David Nunn explores the extraordinary events of the Exodus from Goshen to Mount Nebo. (48 minutes by Blues Skies.)

Price: $19.00

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