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 Coming Home from the South 

Jewish immigrants are making Aliyah to Israel in significant numbers. Biblically, immigration plays a central part in God’s end-time purposes. It seems that He is “shaking” His people from the kingdoms of this world. CFI is working with the Jewish Agency’s Absorption Centers across Israel, and helping the poorest of the newcomers. Historically, the Ethiopian Jews have been, and still are, the immigrant group needing continued assistance. 


Ethiopian Jews welcomed to the Distribution Center

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Ethiopian Jews enjoying refreshments after shopping


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 Emergency call continues 

Israel is working hard to accommodate the coming  Ukrainian refugees. The Ministry of Absorption has placed them in hotels for a month. After that, the refugees must find other places to live. Ministries like CFI are critical this time to assist them with urgent personal needs. Each of our relief packages costs $250. If you would like to be part of the outreach, please reply to this mailing or visit us at  www.cfi-usa.org to donate. 

 We bless you for recognizing the needs and sending your support today! Psalm 125:15. 


Refugees from Ukraine arriving in Tel Aviv

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CFI assistance ready for the refugees


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Emergency Assistance 

Ukrainian Jewish refugees are arriving in Israel. Among the first hundreds of new immigrants were 140 orphan children. They flee the war exhausted, traumatized, and emotionally drained. The refugees come with very few personal belonging, so they need help. We are preparing to assist them with the most urgent needs, such as blankets, bedding, sleeping bags, First Aid kits, solar lanterns, water, food coupons, and hygiene/sanitary kits. In Jerusalem, CFI delivers relief parcels to the new Ukrainian immigrants. We are now asking for your help! Each relief parcel costs $250. You may respond to this mailing, or make an online donation at www.cfi-usa.org – 

Project Ukrainian Jews. Thank you for your support in this time of emergency. 

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 Ukrainian Jewish refugees traveling via Poland (top), and rescued Jewish orphans on the way to Israel (bottom) 


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Standing with the guardians

As guardians, the IDF applies defense and deterrent operational strategies with a strict moral code of ethics. The instructions for ethical conduct given in the Torah are the Jewish people’s foundational principles. The IDF works to stop terror attacks all over Israel and guard the dangerous Gaza border area. Our David’s Shield project supports numerous IDF units with encouragement and needed care items. The project supports also 

Book storeDocumentaries for your library 

the reserve units, such as those who are called into active service during the wartime operations. 

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Mark DeVito (CFI-USA) with soldiers stationed in the north (above) and a lone guardian in a watch tower (below)


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 January 2022: Caring for Holocaust Survivors 

 Grateful recipients 

“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to you for your close cooperation with us over the years. As a head of the Association of  Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors, I have known and cooperated/worked with the international organization of Christian Friends of Israel for over  20 years, and despite this, I never cease to appreciate and admire the work of your department. Holocaust survivorsold and sick peopledearly appreciate your home visits, how you listen and record their stories. They treasure warm relationships, attention, solidarity, and material support, as well as preserving the memory of the Holocaust. I ask you to convey gratitude from the Holocaust survivors, and from me personally, to all kind people who are able to perceive other people’s suffering as their own, and how wonderful it is that such people are still among us! We wish you health and success in your noble work. May kindness and generosity return to you a hundredfold. With deep respect, Gita Koifman” 

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 Our Holocaust team members visiting survivors 


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Together in His work

Jewish people continue returning home and many of them need help to settle in their ancestral land. CFI is one of the ministries that are right there in the capital city and are convenient to reach by public transportation. As the new Olim Store is now open, we extend an appeal to you to join with us to make a difference in the lives of new immigrants, and by doing so, in the Jewish-Christian relations, as well. Help us to keep the store shelves well-stocked with the household items the families need.

Pray about partnering with us in this new way of assistance. The vision is from God and it is His work. If you are sending in your gift, designate it to Operation Start-Up/Olim, which comes under the Open Gates Project. As this work advances, we will report to you so you will know how your gift funds are being used to bless Israel.

“I have seen the task which God has given the sons of men…He has made everything appropriate in its season” (Ecclesiastes 3:10-11).

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A group of thankful immigrants with their bags



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 Extending the blessings

During fall 2021, the Jerusalem Distribution Center was closed for scheduled renovations. To continue blessing people in need, the Center staff packed tons of boxes of clothing and transported them to the Carmel Congregation in Haifa. On the same trip, they met workers from the Aliyah Return Center. Now both organizations reach out to needy Israelis all over Galilee and the Jordan Valley. The feedback has been very positive as the pandemic has affected families’ situations, reducing work opportunities and endangering their livelihood. As soon as the renovations are completed, immigrants will return to the Distribution Center for assistance.  

We thank you for your prayers and support so that we can extend your blessings to all over Israel. 

“May the Lord bless you from Zion, and may you see the prosperity of Jerusalem all the days of your life” (Ps. 128:5). 

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CFI staff members with a load of clothing boxes

Beautiful clothing items sent to CFI by friends in the nations


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 Comfort, comfort My people 

Maggie Huang, CFI’s Project Communities Under Attack supervisor visits families whose homes and communities have come under fire from Gaza. After Maggie’s recent visit to Sderot, she reported about a young family in the city who lost their 5-year old son Ido in one of the attacks. Also, Ido’s mother and a 7-year old sister were injured when a piece of rocket shrapnel pierced the window of their home’s fortified safe room. The parents had told Maggie, that Ido was a brilliant child whose family never ceased to be fascinated by him, and they could not wait to see him grow up. Sadly his parents and sister will never see that day. Ido was buried while his injured mother was still in the hospital.

Israeli homes have safe rooms, and all communities are equipped with public bomb shelters. While the Iron Dome Defense System successfully shoots down most rockets on course for highly populated cities, several rockets can still hit civilian areas as happened during the Hamas War this spring. Not only the Israelis who have lost family members in attacks are traumatized, but the entire communities and cities also suffer the consequences. Work, school, and life, in general, become difficult. Therefore, we thank you in advance for joining us so that we may continue visiting these families, praying with and for them, and bringing supplies to meet their most urgent needs. Isaiah 40:1-2 speaks to their situation:

“Comfort, O comfort My people,’ says your God. Speak kindly to Jerusalem.”

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Fire after the attack on the building where Ido was killed


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 I give you strength 

The vision of the CFI Jerusalem project David’s Shield is to expand our Christian solidarity with the  IDF vision and mission. We stand with the defenders and express our gratitude and encouragement to them. We love to tell them that they are on the side of God, and His calling on them to be Guardians of this Land called Israel is, in fact, a righteous calling. God has established the Nation, and just as King David, the IDF is up to the task. During the past year, we strove to advance the CFI vision as much as possible. We were afforded numerous opportunities to encourage and provide needed items of comfort and some tactical equipment. – Jim McKenzie, Outreach Supervisor, Project David’s Shield, Jerusalem 

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An IDF unit with supplies donated by CFI supporters

Jim McKenzie with an Ethiopian Jew serving in the IDF

After the Hamas War on Israel, we want to show love and support to Israel’s brave defenders. We appeal to you to join us. “Do not fear…I give you strength, I give you help” (Isa 41:10, CJB). 


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 Families in need 

As the ceasefire holds, Israel begins to rebuild. The families have lost much: their relatives, homes and other property, children’s schools, and synagogues. Even more damaging is the trauma in the lives of thousands of families caused by the Hamas rockets. Ministries like CFI are again important to bring help and spiritual healing into their difficult circumstances. Our Jerusalem Distribution Center is reaching out to families in need. Home destroyed in a direct hit from Gaza School building burning after Hamas rockets We provide assistance such as replacing destroyed computers, small home appliances, clothing, and medical needs. The list is endless, but we trust that friends like you will join us in this effort to bless families in their hour of need. We thank you for your generosity and bless you from the Lord’s land. 

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School building burning after Hamas rockets

Home destroyed in a direct hit from Gaza