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Loving with deeds

The elderly and disadvantaged Israelis are close to our heart. Since most of them cannot come to our Jerusalem Distribution Center for assistance and help, we go to visit them. “So many Jewish people are just waiting to be visited─especially those living from day-to-day, who are barely existing because of a lack of resources in their lives. We are thankful that you have the opportunity to help us in our unique work of ministering to individual needs” (Sharon Sanders).

Many lonely and poor elderly have no one to turn to in times of need. Contacting CFI has opened for them a way of practical assistance through home visits with uplifting conversations and prayers. CFI goes to where they live. Your prayers for those whom we assist are much appreciated. Pray also that our teams have the needed wisdom and guidance as they minister.

Thankful recipients of Streams of Blessing assistance

“He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power” (Isaiah 40:29).

March 30, 2019

Afflictions and turmoil

The Polish view of the Holocaust

In February, a diplomatic fallout took place between Poland and Israel. The acting Foreign Minister of Israel, Israel Katz, and PM Benjamin Netanyahu had made statements critical about Poland’s involvement in the Holocaust. Israel Katz had stated that “I am a son of Holocaust survivors and I was even born and grew up in a community made up of Holocaust survivors. The memory of the Holocaust is something we cannot compromise about; it is clear and we won’t forget or forgive.” Katz added a few days later that “the Poles took part in the extermination of Jews. Poland became the biggest cemetery of the Jewish people.” Katz also referred to Prime Minister Yitzak Shamir’s words years earlier, “that Poles suckle anti-Semitism with their mothers’ milk.”

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

Israel Katz’s statements did not go well with Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. As a younger man, without a personal Holocaust experience,

Morawiecki did not accept any generalization about his country’s involvement with the Nazis in the horrors of the Holocaust. He argued that what happened in Poland was done only by individual criminals.

The tension between the two countries has been high since February 2018, when Poland passed legislation outlawing any blame on Poland for Nazi crimes against the Jews. The reasoning behind the new law is that the Poles were mere bystanders to the Nazis’ deadly mission. The statistics in the Yad VaShem Memorial Museum in Jerusalem tell about a different reality. Out of the 6.0 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, about 3.0 million Jews were killed in Poland. The Soviet Union murdered 1.3 million Jewish men, women and children.

Come united to pray

Targeting the Prime Minister

Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced in February that pending a hearing, PM Benjamin Netanyahu will face criminal charges for bribery, fraud and breach of public trust. The news broke out only a few weeks before the April 9th Knesset elections. Commit time to pray for the elections and for PM Netanyahu who is targeted by the opposition parties. (Psalm 129:1−8)

Anti-Semitism in Europe

An unprecedented wave of hate crimes is spreading over countries of Spain, France, Poland and Greece. Jewish people, their homes, businesses and even gravestones are targeted. Like in the 1940s, Jews fear again for their families’ safety. Pray Psalm 124 over the European Jews so that they will recognize  that their “help is in the name of the Lord.”

On the way to the moon

The successful launch of Israel’s first spacecraft took place on February 22 from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The $100 million spacecraft could make Israel the fourth country to land on the moon─ following Russia, the U.S. and China. The unmanned craft is named Beresheet as a reference to Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God created the  heavens and the earth.”

One of the selfies the spacecraft has taken: People of Israel

Live! “Small country, big dreams.” (Israel National News)“Do not fear,” says the LORD, “for I am in charge, and I will fulfill all My purpose. Out of this turmoil, I will bring a saved multitude beyond number from amongst the nations. And I will bring the Bride, the Wife of the Lamb, using the pressures, the afflictions and the turmoil to purify and to refine her, if only in a faithful remnant.” ─Lance Lambert, 1998

The UN and claims against Israel

In 2018, the attacks on Israel over the Gaza border burned tens of thousands of acres of farming land and forest, causing wide-spread smoke pollution over Israel. People on both sides of the border were killed and hurt. The conflict that was initiated and forced on the Gazans by the Hamas terrorist entity still continues with daily destruction and danger to Israel.

On February 28, the United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry claimed that there is evidence that Israel committed “war crimes against humanity” in responding to the “protests” in Gaza. The report argues that Israeli snipers targeted children, heath care workers, journalists and people with disabilities─ week after week at the “protest” sites. Why did Hamas force children, mothers and special-needs adults to the war zone? The answer is for Hamas to gain an international sympathy by their so-called harmless demonstrations.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders rejected the report, accusing the UN of “setting a new record for hypocrisy and mendacity, out of an obsessive hatred of Israel. It is Hamas which fires missiles at Israeli citizens, throws explosive devices and carries out terrorist activity during the violent demonstrations along the Gaza fence. Israel will not allow Hamas to attack Israel’s sovereignty and its people, and will maintain the right of self-defense. IDF soldiers will continue to vigorously defend Israeli citizens against attacks by terrorist organizations financed by Iran, which declares its intention to destroy Israel” said Netanyahu. (The Times of Israel, February 28)

We will continue to grow and cultivate

Some 200 cherry trees and grapevines belonging to Kfar Etzion in the Gush Etzion region of Judea were uprooted or destroyed by Arabs in February. The head of the regional council declared that “we will continue with pride to grow and cultivate our agriculture without fear.” (Arutz Sheva online news)

Mayor Oded Revivi supervising fruit tree planting by CFI-USA tour in the Gush Etzion capital, Efrat

Mark (CFI-USA Board) planting cypress trees in Efrat

Violence erupted again at the Gaza border on May 14, 2018, due to the U.S. Embassy moved to Jerusalem.

For months, groups of 10,000 to 20,000 Gazans rioted at the border, firing rockets and sending thousands of flammable devises into Israel.

The land of Israel from waste places to gardens

Spring is a time when everything comes back to life and life triumphs over death. It is a time of deliverance, when the God of Israel led His people out of Egypt, when Hama’s evil plot to eliminate all Jews was stopped. Spring is also the time when the State of Israel began its existence. On May 14, 1948, we saw the prophetic word of the Lord come to pass: “And, I will rejoice over them to do them good, and I will faithfully plant them in this land with all My heart and with all My soul” (Jeremiah 32:41).

Now, however, some things come at a cost. The birth of the Jewish Nation paid for its existence with much persecution of the Jewish people, especially during their centuries in exile, concentration camps and the gas chambers. On Yom HaShoa (Holocaust Remembrance Day), we remember all those who were brutally killed. Our hearts are filled with sadness and heaviness. Only a week after that comes Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day), a celebration meant to be filled with joy and gladness.

CFI has worked with and supported the Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors for many years. They gather together for their annual meetings to celebrate life. The theme of the meeting in 2018 was “Jewish Phenomenon How the desert becomes a Flourishing Forest.” The seminar was a follow-up to over 1000 trees that were planted by the Holocaust Survivors in 2016 at a kibbutz in Negev. These trees were planted in memory of the 1.5 million children who were murdered during the Holocaust.

The organization showed us how desolate the land of Israel looked just one hundred years ago compared to the beauty we all enjoy today. “Indeed, the Lord will comfort Zion; He will comfort all her waste places. And her wilderness He will make like Eden, and her desert like the garden of the LORD; joy and gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and sound of a melody” (Isaiah 51:3). (Reference: Olga Kopilova, FZS 3rdQ2018)

The Book of Amos continuous prophecies about the restoration of Israel: “I will restore the captivity of My people Israel, and they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. They will also plant vineyards and drink their wine, and make gardens and eat their fruit” (Amos 9:14). His people─including old and young, Holocaust survivors and people from all walks of life─will return back to their ancestral land to stay:

“‘I will also plant them on their land, and they will not again be rooted out from their land,’ says the LORD your God’” (Amos 9:15, NASB).

Back in their own land, Jewish families celebrating Bar Mitzvah (boys at 13 years of age) in the Old City of Jerusalem

  The grief of double orphans  

We read in 1 Kings 4:25 how Israelis in the days of King Solomon lived “in safety, every man under his vine and fig tree, from Dan even to Beersheba, all the days of Solomon.” The news today tells about a different era with terror attacks and conflicts affecting communities, and families with children.

About ten years ago, we visited the community of Itamar to convey condolences for the loss of life in a terror attack just one month earlier. Arab terrorist had randomly attacked the Fogel family home, killing the parents and three of their youngest children. Two of the older children survived. The attack, that was praised in the world Arab media as a heroic operation made both of the surviving children double orphans. Losing one parent in childhood is difficult. Having both parents cone with such a gruesome way is unimaginable. For a child, the pain may never go away.

If there are grandparents or other relatives, they continue parenting the orphans. Rest of the children need social services and orphanages. Since 2000, about twenty-six families have lost both parents to terror attacks in Israel, and a few more in other countries. In March 2018, fourteen (14) Israeli children become orphans in that one month alone. The victims were fathers and husbands         ─all Jewish civilians killed by Palestinian terrorists.

As always, the surviving terrorist and his family were rewarded by the PA from its generous international aid.

A prayer shawl for a recent Mt. Zion burial

Join us to bring assistance to the Jewish communities to show Christians’ care for orphans and widows.

Attacks against Israelis in 2018

Every year, especially during the main Israeli holidays,  incitement by Mosques and the social networks are pushing the Palestinian youth into the streets to “defend” the main sanctuary, the Al Aqsa Mosque.  Stone throwing in the East Jerusalem neighborhoods and clashes at the Temple Mount follow immediately. Last year, stone throwers also took the Gaza border area to attack Israeli soldiers. The 2018 statistics tell about the grief that all terror attacks caused in Israel:

  • 2,108 stone-throwing incidents with 104 wounded and 1 killed.
  • 23 stabbing incidents with 17 wounded and 4 killed.
  • 44 shooting incidents with 17 wounded and 8 killed.
  • 1,163 rocket and mortar incidents with 116 wounded and 1 killed.
  • 10 vehicle attacks with 15 wounded and  2 killed.

In addition, tens of thousands of acres of farming land and forest were burned, killing countless animals and causing wide-spread smoke pollution over Israel.

CFI’s “Under His Wings Project” cares for families traumatized by terrorist attacks in Sderot and other Jewish communities.

Prayer and meditation

Intercede for Jerusalem

   “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may they prosper who love you. May peace be within your walls and prosperity within your palaces” (Psalm 122:6−7).

“Israel and Jerusalem are one and the same. Since the days of King David, 300 years before King Hezekiah, Jerusalem was the capital of our people and remains the capital of our people, and will remain the united and eternal capital of the Jewish   people forever.”  ─ PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Pray for peace over the Middle East

“He who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, He   who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep”      (Psalm 121:3−4).

Israeli officials have repeatedly voiced concerns over Iran’s presence in Syria and the smuggling of weaponry to Hezbollah in Lebanon via Syria. President Reuven Rivlin warned that Iran would likely intensify its responses to Israeli strikes against its forces in Syria.

Pray for Israeli families

“Those who trust in the LORD, are as Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever” (Psalm  125:1).

Israel’s young men and women serving in the IDF are also protecting the citizens from terror attacks and, as needed, fighting in the conflicts and wars. Their families are concerned and worry about their soldiers. Support them with your prayers.

Proclaim God’s word over the Jewish people

For I will take you from the nations, gather you from all the lands, and bring you into your own land” (Ezekiel 36:24). Amen!

February 26, 2019

Come up to Jerusalem!  

Celebrating Shavuot 2019                              

For many friends of Israel, the annual CFI Conference is the highlight of the year. We welcome you in June to Jerusalem to worship, praise and hear firsthand outstanding speakers and international musicians. Join in exciting city and museum excursions and fellowship with new friends from the nations. The conference begins on Monday, June 3, and continues with daily sessions through the evening of Wednesday, June 5, in the Manachem Begin Heritage Center. The invited speakers include:

Right to left: Rabbi Yehuda, Glick, Jonathan Spyer Rick Ridings and Chris Mitchell

Menachem Begin Heritage Center, #6 Nakhon St, Jerusalem

Conference participants on an afternoon excursion to the Judean hills to learn about the area’s history

Feasts of weeks

The Jewish holiday of Shavuot or the Feast of Weeks, and also known as Pentecost, is celebrated between May 15 and June 14. Shavuot has a double significance. It marks the all-important wheat harvest in Israel and it commemorates the anniversary of the day when God gave the Torah to the nation of Israel assembled at Mount Sinai. Shavuot is one of the three main Biblical pilgrimage festivals along with Succoth and Pesach. According to the law, Shavuot is celebrated in Israel for one day and in the diaspora (out of Israel) for two days. In 2019, Shavuot falls on June 8−9. Traditional blintzes and other dairy meals are served.

“And you shall celebrate the Feast of Weeks, that is the first fruits of the wheat harvest, and the Feast of Ingathering at the turn of the year” (Exodus 34:22).

From Holocaust to independence

In 1971, a special monument sculpted by Nathan Rapoport was inaugurated in the Martyrs Forest of the Jerusalem hills. Rapoport said about the sculpture that, “My words have been made of bronze and stone. They are silent, heavy and longstanding.” The monument material is bronze, to last for generations to come. The sculpture, Scroll of Fire, is in the shape of two scrolls for the Jewish nation being the People of the Book. One of the scrolls describes the Holocaust with symbols of Nazi soldiers, ghetto fighters and fences of the concentration camps. The scroll ends with Holocaust survivors arriving in Israel. The scroll describing independence features symbols of Israel, such as olive trees, a man blowing a shofar, the Western Wall and an angel blowing a trumpet. There are two memorial rooms in the space between the scrolls. One of the rooms has a quote from the Book of Ezekiel, reading:

“Thus says the Lord God: Behold, O my people, I will open your graves and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land of Israel. I shall put my spirit in you and you shall live, and I shall place you in your own Land.”  Ezekiel 17:12─14

The Holocaust took the lives of most of the European Jews, including 3.0 million Polish Jews and 8 Jews from Finland. The recent studies into the years of the Holocaust prove that no country was blameless for the destruction of the European Jewry. Never again!

(Photo below: One of CFI-USA tours at the monument.)

  Together forward

For the Ethiopian Jews, settling in Israel has been a dramatic change in their circumstances. The younger generation has done better and with dedicated help and support, they will succeed in life. In many families, parents are unable to help their children with language and other skills as the older generation finds it difficult to learn the language. The elderly Ethiopians are called the silent generation, because they speak Amharic and are, therefore, left outside of the activities that require knowledge of the Hebrew language. We visit these families, especially the elderly who experience health problems and depression since many of them feel forgotten and isolated.

Ethiopian children and youth in Israel

CFI works with the Bnei Brak center where Ethiopians of all ages come. Children are offered after-school programs, mothers language and computer sessions, and group sessions for the elderly to meet others of their own age. Ethiopian Jews have come to stay in their ancestral homeland. Please continue praying and supporting them. We thank you and bless you!

Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me, for my soul takes refuge in Thee (Psalm 57:1).

January 31, 2019

Be gracious to me, O God…

Policies of the UN for the world control

In the eyes of the friends of Israel, the United Nations is exercising policy that is constantly against Israel but only seldom criticizing any other world country. The UN agencies do not have the supreme power in the world. However, with its prestige and long history, the member nations’ resolutions are a cause of concern. In 2018, the UN adopted 21 anti-Israel resolutions and only six resolutions for the rest of the world (Iran, Syria, North Korea, Crimea, Myanmar, and the United States─for its embargo on Cuba).

In December, the United States presented a draft resolution seeking to condemn Hamas for firing rockets into Israel. It failed to be adopted as the member nations did not see rockets causing any significant danger or destruction. In the list of 21 anti-Israel resolutions, the main concern is about the well-being of the Palestinians in Israel’s “occupied Palestinian land.” Syria is mentioned, but only for the Golan Heights which the UN also claims to be occupied by Israel.

The last time the UN adopted a resolution in support of Israel was in 1991 when the United States led the repeal of the “Zionism is racism” resolution under the leadership of President George H. W. Bush.

World’s 258 million migrants

It is estimated that 258 million people or 3.4 % of the world population are migrants today. On December 11, 2018, the first-ever UN member states’ conference about global migration took place in Marrakesh, hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco. World leaders from 160 countries adopted the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration to better manage international migration. In mid-December, the adopted document was presented to the UN General Assembly for its endorsement. The United States did not participate in the conference or the adoption of the Global Compact. In December 2017, the Trump Administration withdrew from the negotiations, stating that multinational agreements undermine the power of individual governments to control national borders.


In the light of the large riots in France, Germany and other European countries, the United States must have the rights of determining the migration policy for the safety of the American people.

Disturbing pictures from the Gaza-border violence in southern Israel filled the news in 2018. Israel was forced to use tear gas and close one of the border crossings for a while to control the situation. Sound familiar? In December, almost identical events took place at the U.S.−Mexico border as masses of South American migrants rushed to the fence, some throwing stones at the U.S. border agents. (Online news posts.)

United we pray

  • Thanking God for keeping Israel safe in 2018 from the region’s enemies of Syria, Iran and numerous terrorist groups (Psalm 140:12−13).
  • Praising God for the new and promising ties between Israel and the Gulf States (Psalm 150).
  • Proclaiming God’s promises over the Jewish people about their return from the nations (Zechariah 10:8−10).
  • Praying for God’s blessings over the Israeli legislative elections (21st Knesset) scheduled for April. The elections will end PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s fourth term in the office (Psalm 149:1−2).
  • Asking God’s comfort and peace for the seven Israeli civilians who were wounded in a terrorist attack in December. One of the victims was a pregnant mother whose baby later died. Hamas leaders called the attack heroicand the victim’sIsraeli occupation soldiers that included also the unborn baby (Psalm 142:6−7)
  • Pray God’s mercy for the world nations in the UN as just in December they failed to pass a resolution to condemn Hamas attacks against Israeli civilians (Psalm 53:2−3). 

Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me, for my soul takes refuge in Thee (Psalm 57:1).