This is Lance Lambert speaking and this is my update for June 2014. This update has been recorded in Britain outside of Israel. I am going to read the Scriptures. I am going go to a number of those that we at different times have underlined. First of all in Psalm 33:10-11: The Lord bringeth the counsel of the nations to nought...

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  • June 2014 Tract 1 Introduction
  • June 2014 Tract 2 So-Called Peace Process
  • June 2014 Tract 3 Weather - Other Troubles
  • June 2014 Tract 4 Jerusalem a Cup of Realing
  • June 2014 Tract 5 Surrrounding Nations
  • June 2014 Tract 6 The Lord's Viewpoint
  • June 2014 Tract 7 The Pope's Visit
  • June 2014 Tract 8 God Will Complete His Purpose

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