The Key to the Middle East

Discovering the Future of Israel in Biblical Prophecy One nation holds the key to the destiny of mankind. Although it may seem distant from our modern lives, the drama playing out on the world stage in the Middle East has consequences beyond what we can imagine. And in the tumult of it all, one tiny nation will become the watershed of world events, affecting us all. In this accessible, behind-the-scenes guide, internationally renowned teacher and scholar Derek Prince goes beyond the headlines and immerses you in what the Bible says about Israel. Tracing Israel’s long, astonishing history, Derek offers insight into the mounting tension and exposes the destructive enemy stalking this war-torn land.

Accessible and fascinating, The Key to the Middle East also reveals God’s plans for all nations and our future. Derek’s depth of understanding and interpretation of the Scripture will challenge and encourage you. But above all, you will be brought face-to-face with the God who remembers, honors, and lovingly guards His promises to His people.

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