Israel Rising

Israel Rising

Ancient Prophecy/Modern Lens by Doug Hershey  (March 2018)

Israel Rising is a unique visual story of Israel’s miraculous journey from unforgiving desert land to a thriving modern nation. Thousands of years ago, the prophet Ezekiel foretold a future time in which the arid land of Israel would come alive for its people. Now this breathtaking book documents the fulfillment of this vision, from the hills of Shiloh where shepherds once roamed, to the booming city of Tel Aviv, founded on sand dunes, to the stellar beaches of Caesarea, transformed from a small village into one of Israel’s most stunning coastal cities, and finally Jerusalem, the Eternal City of Peace, where in ancient times the power of worship resounded from the Temple. Here, rarely seen photographs taken between the 1880s and the 1940s juxtaposed with contemporary images of the same locations illustrate the region’s Biblical history as a place of monumental battle, celebration, worship, and awesome resilience. Doug Hershey and Elise Monique Therault (photographer) have created a collection of photos that will inspire and captivate as it illuminates Israel’s foretold awakening in a new and unforgettable way. A large book for a gift and keepsake.

Price: $30.00

God Keeps Covenant

by Wendy BeckettGodKeepsCovenant
A Thirty-Day Study of God’s Love for Israel
There are so many questions among Christians today concerning the Lord’s
relationship with the Jewish people. Why is much of the Church silent on this whole issue? In this book, Wendy D. Beckett reveals God’s love for His chosen people.

Price: $11.00

A Psalm in Jenin

Soldiers-on-Ammunition-HillA Psalm in Jenin by Brett Goldberg, A must-read to anyone who wishes to understand the challenges Israel and its soldiers face daily.

Price: $19.00

The Destiny of Israel and the Church

by Derek Prince
One of the most exciting features of the period in which we now live is that the destinies of Israel and the Church are once again beginning to converge. This convergence will produce the most dramatic and significant developments of all human history. Derek Prince (1917─2003) was educated at Eton and Cambridge where he later held a fellowship in Philosophy. While serving in the British Army during World War II, he experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. He then devoted his life to the teaching and study of the Bible and became internationally recognized as a leading authority on Bible prophecy. His daily radio program continues to touch lives around the world.Contact Derek Prince Ministries for a catalog of his books and other teaching material.

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The Silent Years

by Lance Lambert
It seems as if God was silent during those years until John the Baptist was raised up, announcing the arrival of the Messiah’s first coming. But even though God did not speak with Scriptures during those years, He was there working and preparing the way for the arrival of Immanuel. In this volume, Lance Lambert seeks to show what God was doing behind the scenes during this silent period between the two testaments of Scriptures.

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Touching the Heart of God

Did you know that you have a huge inheritance and that you serve a King who exposes His plans, purposes, power, and deepest secrets to you as a citizen in His Kingdom? In this book, you will learn about the King and His Kingdom─its order, its benefits, and the privilege afforded to its citizens in celebrating the greatest military and spiritual victories in recorded history.Whether you are a Messianic or Gentile believer in the Messiah, you will find new and empowering insights in this book, which will build your faith and provoke your participation.

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My House Shall Be A House Of Prayer

 The Lord Jesus described the conditions which would exist before His return when He prophesied: There shall be signs in sun and moon and stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, in perplexity for the roaring of the sea and the billows; men fainting for fear, and for the expectation of the things which are coming on the world; for the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, lift up your heads; because your redemption draweth nigh (Luke 21:25-28). ─Words from the book introduction by Lance Lambert 

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Life of Moses

“The lessons from the life of Moses all have to do with spiritual character and service. Of course, I do not have to tell you that Moses is one of the greatest characters in the Old Testament, indeed in the Bible.  It is very interesting that there are only two who have been selected to represent all God’s dealings and all His work amongst His own people under the old covenant─Moses and  Elijah. You will remember when the Lord Jesus was transfigured in glory, it was Moses and Elijah who were seen sharing and talking with Him about His exodus? I sometimes wish that we had been there and heard a little of that extraordinary discussion that the Lord Jesus had with Moses and Elijah on that Mount of Transfiguration. The first lesson we learn from the life of Moses is all to do with the calling of God. This word ‘calling’ is everywhere in the New Testament.”  ─ Lance Lambert 

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The Mountains of Israel

The Mountains of Israel, The Bible & the West Bank  by Norma Parrish Archbold

The people of Israel are people of destiny. We are seeing today the fulfillment of Isaiah 34:17–35:1, “They shall possess it forever, from  generation to generation shall they dwell therein.” Those who believe in the Scriptures have a responsibility to stand against enemies and support Israel. ─ Zola Levitt

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ISIS, IRAN and ISRAEL (2016)

ISIS, IRAN and ISRAEL (2016)

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell’s newest book is about the current conditions in the Middle East that some call a “perfect storm.” “The book sheds light on the apocalyptic motivations behind the growing global menace of ISIS and Iran’s nuclear-obsessed terror kingpins. As Mitchell so masterfully shows, amid all the darkness, God is moving in these perilous times─and what happens over there matters to us,” says Erick Stakelbeck. Read how ISIS, IRAN and ISRAEL answers questions such as:

  • How ISIS terror is spreading to the West
  • How Russia’s military poses a threat to Israel and echoes Ezekiel 38 and 39
  • How some believe the Iranian nuclear deal could lead to another nuclear era
  • How revival is spreading to the most unlikely places in the region

Price: $20.00

The Battle of the Ages

This book is a call and a challenge to genuine intercession and is directed to the remnant of the faithful in the Western nations─once called Christian nations. Those nations are witnessing a growing rapid paganization which will lead to great loss and to demonism. At the same time, there is a violent assault on the existence and being of the Living God and on the trustworthiness of His Word.

The result is a growing apostasy. We desperately need a new breath of God renewing and reviving genuine believers and creating a living and working faith in Him. Nothing less than a spiritual awakening of huge proportions in which multitudes would come to the Lord and experience His salvation─can change the direction of those nations which were once called the homeland of Christian missions.

I have entitled this book The Battle of the Ages. That battle has never ceased from the beginning of the time as we know it. It is clear to me that the climax of the battle is ahead of us. We need to know what we face and the safety we have in the Lord Jesus. We need to stand in Him and in His power and strength. May the Lord greatly bless this book and give His light and revelation to all who read it. May it result in a genuine intercession in the situation we face.
─ Lance Lambert, Jerusalem

This book was published in May 2014, a year before Lance’s passing. It is his testament to intercessors in the Western nations.

Price: $12.00

Appointment in Jerusalem

Derek and Lydia Prince This is the riveting true story of a young school teacher and her courageous quest to know God’s will for her life. In Lydia Prince’s search for God and her life’s purpose, she is led to Jerusalem, where she learns the power of prayer and experiences many miracles of provision and protection. Lydia rescues a dying baby girl and then miraculously survives many dangers, including gunfire, siege, and barricades. She enters into her true appointment from God and in the process, rescues several abandoned sick, and orphaned children from disease and death. Follow Lydia’s astounding journey and see how you, too, can experience powerful answers to prayers, be guided through difficult challenges, find God’s unique plans for your life, and learn the secret to being led by God. Discover how God can remarkably use those who trust him. (Paperback, 200 pages) For our 2005 Israel tour, we included a day with Derek Prince Israel’s directors. They took us to see the neighborhoods where Derek, Lydia, and the girls had lived. We saw their houses and learned about the circumstances of their lives. We saw the neighborhood where Lydia Christensen first arrived, the outdoor market where she shopped for necessities, and the post office on Jaffa Road where she picked up her mail. Much has changed in Jerusalem since Lydia’s days, but the same streets, neighborhoods, and even the buildings where Lydia lived are still there for any traveler to see. Next time you travel to Jerusalem, take a map and Lydia’s book with you and make your way to the locations mentioned in the book. Have a blessed journey! Appointment in Jerusalem for a donation of $50.00 or more.

The Key to the Middle East

The Key to the Middle East

Discovering the Future of Israel in Biblical Prophecy One nation holds the key to the destiny of mankind. Although it may seem distant from our modern lives, the drama playing out on the world stage in the Middle East has consequences beyond what we can imagine. And in the tumult of it all, one tiny nation will become the watershed of world events, affecting us all. In this accessible, behind-the-scenes guide, internationally renowned teacher and scholar Derek Prince goes beyond the headlines and immerses you in what the Bible says about Israel. Tracing Israel’s long, astonishing history, Derek offers insight into the mounting tension and exposes the destructive enemy stalking this war-torn land.

Accessible and fascinating, The Key to the Middle East also reveals God’s plans for all nations and our future. Derek’s depth of understanding and interpretation of the Scripture will challenge and encourage you. But above all, you will be brought face-to-face with the God who remembers, honors, and lovingly guards His promises to His people.

B76 The Key to the Middle East $12.00

Price: $12.00

The Land Which I Will Show You A Journey to the Land of the Fathers

 A few years ago, when we celebrated a milestone in the history of CFI─USA, we published this book with tens of pictures we had collected in travels from Judea to Samaria, the Mediterranean coast to Galilee, and all the way from the Dead Sea and the Negev. The late author Charles Krauthammer once said: “Israel is the very embodiment of Jewish continuity. It is the only nation on earth that inhabits the same land, bears the same name, speaks the same language, and worships the same God that it did 3,000 years ago.” 

The book reminds us how God called Abraham from his country to go to the land God was going to show him and promised Abraham to “bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” (Genesis 12:1-3). 

Enjoy the scenes in the Land where God has called Jews to return from all parts of the world. The price is reduced for this offer only. B50 The Land Which I will show You $12.00 

Price: $12.00

A Principle and A Promise -The Path of Blessing

By Sharon Sanders 

God’s promises to Abram echo down through the corridors of time as we study Genesis 12:23. Anyone─ believer or non-believer, rich or poor─who blesses the Jewish people through kindness and mercy, will please God. The scriptural principle will never change. As the church worldwide, we need to see the importance of how we touch the apple of God’s eye. Let us forfeit no more blessings by ignoring God’s promise to bless. If the offshoot of biblical Judaism (Christianity), which sprang from the original olive tree (Israel), would begin to allow itself to be grafted back into its roots, spiritual blessings will come to congregations across the world. Christians do not have to become Jewish to love the Jewish people but only love what God loves. They simply need to be a blessing. Sharon brings, not only the scriptures to life, but also shares intimate details of how she has walked out the principle; and she teaches you how you can do the same. (Book cover) 

“This book reveals the greatest, most overlooked problem in the Church today and its antidote. The sword of historical hatred of Jews by the Church is mighty indeed, but the ink of this book is mightier still.” – Bob O’Dell (“The List”) 

B77 A Principle and A Promise $18.00 

Price: $18.00

 The End of Days

Fans of apocalyptic fiction won’t be able to resist this fast-paced novel that ties current events in the Middle East to biblical prophecies. When Eli Ben-David and his best friend Jonathan are called up for duty in Israel’s armed forces, Jonathan’s wife Sarah and members of their close-knit Messianic congregation hold a constant prayer vigil. A massive Syrian chemical strike on Israel follows. 

The world is stunned when Israel responds by dropping nuclear bombs on Damascus. When a peace conference is held in Europe, a dynamic young prince emerges as a world leader. The exciting story continues as prophecies are fulfilled and events catapult the world into the final battle of Armageddon. 

David Dolan, a CBS broadcast journalist who was based in Israel for decades, provided coverage of the Gulf War and still reports on the ongoing events in the Middle East. He is an expert on a topic that is of vital interest to most Christians. David is the author of “Holy War for the Promised Land.” (Published by Revell – Baker Book House Co., paperback, 330 pages.) 

“There is no escape, there is no escape from the hand of the Lord. Laying waste to the earth for the guilt of her sin, for her blindness and rage, for the rape of the earth, at the end of the age. For the darkness and pain, for creation defiled, for my world running wild. No escape.” ─ David Dolan B 24

Price: $24.00

Jacob I Have Loved

by Lance Lambert

The messages in this book on Jacob were presented by Lance at the Christian Family Conference in Richmond, VA in 1979. The story of Jacob is a story of God’s tremendous love, not only for Jacob but for all of God’s people. As Lance shared in the book: “If at the end we are worshipers─we are a blessing to others, we have become fruitful, we have possessed the land which God has given us,  and we have become princes with God and with men─it is because of His love. He never left us nor forsook us. That is the key to Jacob, and that is the key to us. When we hear the words of the Psalmist, ‘The Lord of hosts is with us,’ we understand. God has a purpose to fulfill, God has a war to accomplish, God has a will that has to be done, a kingdom which has to come, and the Lord of the armies of heaven is with us, and the God of Jacob is our refuge. May the Lord’s love transform us from Jacob to Israel.” 

B02 Jacob,1500 I Have Loved $15.00 

Price: $15.00

The Destiny of Israel and the Church

The Destiny of Israel and the Church By Derek Prince

One of the most exciting features of our time is that the destinies of Israel and the Church are once again beginning to converge. This convergence will produce the most dramatic and significant developments of all human history.

Israel is now at the center of a powerful clash of forces, but God has established a firm covenant with both Israel and the Church. So the restoration of Israel must be of profound concern for Christians if the reliability of Scripture is not to be called into question.

“Interwoven with the history of Israel is the destiny of another people: the church of Jesus Christ. The church originated in Israel, but over the centuries the destinies of these two groups have diverged widely. Yet there has been a continuous interaction between them. The church, too, like Israel, had its prophets. The greatest of them was its founder and reigning head, Jesus of Nazareth. Through Jesus and His apostles, the main outlines of church history were prophetically unfolded in advance. These, too, are being progressively fulfilled.” – Derek Prince


Price: $14.00

The Israeli Solution

by Caroline B. Glick
Between 1970 and 2013, the United States presented nine (9) peace plans for Israel and the Palestinians, and for the past twenty years, the two-state solution has been the centerpiece of U.S. Middle East policy. But despite
this laser focus, American efforts to implement a two-state peace deal have
failed─and with each new attempt, the Middle East has become less stable, more violent and more radicalized.

Price: $20.00

God’s Promise and the Future of Israel

God’s Promise and the Future of Israel by Don Finto What does Scripture say about the future of Israel? How does it affect the Church and how can the Church fulfill its role in this end-time scenario? (229 pages, published by Regal Books) B31

Price: $12.00

Promised Land

promisedLandPromised Land – God’s Word and the Nation of Israel by Derek Prince: The future of Israel as revealed in prophecy. (169 pages, published by Derek Prince Ministries)

Price: $12.00


The-Tehran-Initiativeby Joel C. Rosenberg. Is it fiction, or is it real? Joel’s new novel is a political thriller that takes readers inside the Iranian threat and imagines a series of worst case scenarios, such as an Iranian terror plot unleashed inside the U.S. Order now for the holidays. (Price includes S & H.)

Price: $21.00

Millennium The Lord Reigns

Millennium-2011by David Dolan
A novel of life in the Millennium – the thousand year reign of the King of Kings.Millennium, The LORD Reigns (novel 2011)
The main characters, Jonathan and Sara Goldman and their earthly children and friends, descend to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem with the Conquering Messiah, Yeshua, the Master of the Universe. Now living in their eternal bodies, they begin new lives in the Millennium─the thousand year reign of the King of Kings centered in the Holy City, which is spreading out from Israel to the rest of the recovering world. While celebrating the Lord’s everlasting reign in the Jerusalem Temple, Jonathan and Sarah are reunited with saints from all the ages, including some family members they did not expect to see in glory. Some of the redeemed saints are soon sent out to rule earth’s small human population; mostly children who survived the end-time tribulation.

As the contrast increases between the Shining One’s majestic rule and the darkness of defiant human sin, the Millennial Kingdom rushes to a final showdown that pits two family members against each other in a dramatic clash of titanic proportions.

Price: $20.00

Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus

Walking-in-the-Dust-192x300Travel back in time to Jesus’ day and hear His teaching in his native language and culture.

Price: $19.00

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus

Rabbi-Jesus-196x300Sit at His feet and learn firsthand about His kingdom.

Price: $19.00

Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus

Words-BivinDavid Bivin and Roy Blizzar from Jerusalem examine the Jewishness of Jesus, whose teachings are Hebraic through and through.

Price: $18.00


 by Jay Sekulow (2018)  (New York Times #1 bestselling author)

In his new book, Jay Sekulow presents a political and historical rationale for the existence of Israel as a sovereign nation. The State of Israel and its very right to exist is a lynchpin issue not only in the Middle East, but it is a critical issue to the world at large. The UNESCO aims to delegitimize Israel and entities such as ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran, want to wipe Israel from the face of the earth. Here is a book that defends Israel’s right to exist. Sekulow looks at the legal case for its prominence, as well as the historical and political rationale as a homeland for the Jews today. He encourages readers to stand with him against the hatred, lies, and efforts to delegitimize one of the world’s oldest nations.

Jay Sekulow is widely regarded as one of the foremost free speech and religious liberties litigators in the U.S., having argued twelve times before the U.S. Supreme Court in the First Amendment cases. As chief counsel of the American Center for Law And Justice (ACLJ), he is a renowned constitutional attorney and an international expert on religious liberty. He is a member of President Trump’s legal team.

Price: $23.00

New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus

newlightDificultWords By David Bivin, Jerusalem

What if we could step back into the first-century world of Jesus and walk on a dusty road with Him as one of His first Jewish disciples? What if we could listen to His teachings within the rabbinic conversations that surrounded Him? In this book we examine Jesus’ lifestyle as a first-century Jewish rabbi and look at how His words have been understood within the larger framework of first-century Judaism. His powerful teachings will grow in clarity and depth when we see them in light of their original setting.

“This book displays many of the brilliant Hebraic gems the author has mined that help illuminate the pages of the Gospels. Clearly written and very readable, Bivin shows why Christians need rabbinic sources if they intend to know and understand Jesus in His Jewish setting.” Professor Marvin  Wilson, Wenham, MA

Price: $17.00

In the Day of Thy Power

Thy-PowerIn The Day of Thy Power by Lance Lambert

This book grew out of a series of studies given on Psalm 110 some fifty years ago. Lance writes in the
book’s introduction:There is no matter as practically important as this subject. The enthroned Lamb is to be found everywhere in the last book of the Bible, which sums up everything from Genesis to Jude.

Price: $12.00

Shabbat Shalom

shabbatShalomThis incredible new book invites you to partake in the weekly Old Testament study by Sondra Oster Baras, director of Christian Friends of Israeli Communities in Karnei Shomron, Israel. I have tried to communicate my love for the Bible through these following essays and hope they will serve to stimulate broader discussion and interpretation of the Bible.”


Price: $22.00

Islam, Israel and the Church

IslamIsraelChurchBookThe author, Marcel Rebiai, was born in Algeria and grew up in Switzerland. He came to Israel in 1994 with his wife. He is the founder and leader of the “Community of Reconciliation” in Jerusalem. Rebiai is a profound authority on the current situation in Israel and especially the Islamic world, and a speaker at international conferences.

Price: $19.00

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

 Book by John Boyne 

Berlin 1942: When Bruno (8) returns home from school one day, he discovers that his belongings are being packed in crates and that the family is moving to a new house far, far away. In the new place, he has no one to play with and nothing to do, so he decides to explore his environment. This is how he meets a boy whose life and circumstances are very different from his own. Bruno soon experiences the devastating consequences of their friendship. (This story is currently unavailable in DVD.) B74 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas $15.00 

Price: $15.00

Childhood Lost

by Shoshana BrayerchildhoodLost

Price: $10.00

AMERICA in the Last Days

Dr. Peter Wyns shows us in the Bible, God’s promise of end-time revivals. He takes us through the exceptional history of America and points to God’s laws of sowing and reaping. It is easy to recognize America’s failures, but  God also sees her valiant exploits, and He does not forget. It is time for the church to embrace a victorious eschatology. America in the Last Days will inspire faith and help posture you to be in step with heaven. It is time to embrace a message of hope.

Price: $21.00

The Last Hour

An Israeli insider looks at the end-times by Amir Tsarfati

As the last hour approaches, it is time to topple misconceptions and discern God’s true plan. We all have questions about the end times. But as an Israeli Messianic believer and a respected Bible teacher, Amir Tsarfati explains biblical prophecy is a mystery, not a secret. With deep, thought-provoking insight into biblical prophecy, and its modern-day

application, Amir’s exploration of the Bible is both fresh and fascinating. Understanding is available to anyone who takes the time to study it. Let this book be your guide. There is hope in the midst of chaos. No matter what happens, God is in control. He will protect His own. “What God has promised to His people, He is fulfilling. I believe that God is going to use The Last Hour to open hearts to the Gospel.”  – Dr. David Jeremiah.

Price: $19.00

Son of God (Novel)

sonofGodby Roma Downey and Mark Burnett

This book is a companion to the major motion picture, Son of God, produced by Roma and Mark. The Biblical account of Jesus the Messiah comes to life in the story written as a contemporary novel.

Price: $19.00

What’s God Doing?

Lance Lambert begins this book that was published in 2016 with the following preface: “Every successive move of God is like a mini Pentecost with the Spirit of God taking the initiative. Once that happens, it spreads like fire. However, within a generation man interferes by substituting his ideas, ways, and organization for the work of the Holy Spirit and once this departure occurs, the move dies. Nevertheless, what the Spirit of God produces in every move is never lost!  Those materials─gold, precious stone and pearl─are deposited into eternity to produce the city of God, the bride of Christ. Therefore, we have every reason to be encouraged, for God Who has taken such care over His people and His work throughout the centuries, will complete what He has begun.”

Price: $18.00

The Glory of Thy People Israel

by Lance Lambert

In Jeremiah 30:17, we read: “For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, said the Lord; because they have called thee an outcast, saying, It is Zion, for whom no one cares.” That is exactly true of the history of the Jewish people. They were a people for whom no one cared. For 1,800 years, the Jews were outcasts, and everyone looked down upon them and treated them as such. However, the Lord Himself said: “I have seen this; I will restore health unto thee. I will heal thee of thy wounds.” God is working so that this nation of Israel becomes a testimony to the absolute authority and relevance of His Word. That is true of its recreation, its regathering, its rebuilding, and the restoration of its fertility and ecology. However, it is in the immediate years that lie ahead that its most excellent witness to the faithfulness of God will be revealed to the nations. ─ Lance Lambert

Price: $12.00

Be Ye Ready

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Be-Ye-Ready-LambertHow can we be ready for the
coming of the Lord─equipped,
fitted out, and prepared─but by
the Spirit of God?
─Lance Lambert (an excerpt of the book Be Ye Ready)
This little book of 68 pages is a highly recommended jewel from the Biblical treasures Lance has taught for years. You will open your heart to the Holy Spirit and experience His power while you read it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Price: $9.00