As Palestine and the Palestinians are daily in the news, this documentary sheds light on the origin of Jewish Palestine. In November 1917, the British government pledged to the Jewish people through the Balfour Declaration to help establish a Jewish National Homeland in the territory assigned then as Palestine. After World War I ended, the League of Nations awarded Britain the “Mandate for Palestine” with the proviso that the Balfour Declaration would be implemented along with "close Jewish settlement in the Land." As difficulties arose, Britain gradually watered down her original commitment until the MacDonald White Paper of 1939, which virtually closed the borders of Palestine to Jewish immigration—production of the HaTikvah Film Trust in the U.K. D01 The Forsaken Promise $23.00

  • Part 1: "The Forsaken Promise, the Forsaken Jews" (1 hour)
  • Part 2: "The End of the Mandate, the End of the Empire" (1 hour)

Price: $23.00