Fans of apocalyptic fiction won’t be able to resist this fast-paced novel that ties current events in the Middle East to biblical prophecies. When Eli Ben-David and his best friend Jonathan are called up for duty in Israel’s armed forces, Jonathan’s wife Sarah and members of their close-knit Messianic congregation hold a constant prayer vigil. A massive Syrian chemical strike on Israel follows. 

The world is stunned when Israel responds by dropping nuclear bombs on Damascus. When a peace conference is held in Europe, a dynamic young prince emerges as a world leader. The exciting story continues as prophecies are fulfilled and events catapult the world into the final battle of Armageddon. 

David Dolan, a CBS broadcast journalist who was based in Israel for decades, provided coverage of the Gulf War and still reports on the ongoing events in the Middle East. He is an expert on a topic that is of vital interest to most Christians. David is the author of “Holy War for the Promised Land.” (Published by Revell – Baker Book House Co., paperback, 330 pages.) 

“There is no escape, there is no escape from the hand of the Lord. Laying waste to the earth for the guilt of her sin, for her blindness and rage, for the rape of the earth, at the end of the age. For the darkness and pain, for creation defiled, for my world running wild. No escape.” ─ David Dolan B 24

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