This book is a call and a challenge to genuine intercession and is directed to the remnant of the faithful in the Western nations─once called Christian nations. Those nations are witnessing a growing rapid paganization which will lead to great loss and to demonism. At the same time, there is a violent assault on the existence and being of the Living God and on the trustworthiness of His Word.

The result is a growing apostasy. We desperately need a new breath of God renewing and reviving genuine believers and creating a living and working faith in Him. Nothing less than a spiritual awakening of huge proportions in which multitudes would come to the Lord and experience His salvation─can change the direction of those nations which were once called the homeland of Christian missions.

I have entitled this book The Battle of the Ages. That battle has never ceased from the beginning of the time as we know it. It is clear to me that the climax of the battle is ahead of us. We need to know what we face and the safety we have in the Lord Jesus. We need to stand in Him and in His power and strength. May the Lord greatly bless this book and give His light and revelation to all who read it. May it result in a genuine intercession in the situation we face.
─ Lance Lambert, Jerusalem

This book was published in May 2014, a year before Lance’s passing. It is his testament to intercessors in the Western nations.

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