This is Lance Lambert speaking and this is my Update for October 2011. Because of the situation that we are in at present in the Middle East, I need to underline that this update concerning Israel and the Middle East is in the Light of God’s Word....This update has always been to do with God’s Word. What does God have to say about Israel and the situation we may be in? I want to read from a number of Scriptures that I believe bear on Israel and the Nations at this present time....

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  • October 2011 - Track 1 - Introduction
  • October 2011 - Track 2 - Gilad Shalit
  • October 2011 - Track 3 - Uproar in the Middle East
  • October 2011 - Track 4- The Lord is on the Battle Field
  • October 2011 - Track 5- Divine Judgement

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