Millennium-2011by David Dolan
A novel of life in the Millennium - the thousand year reign of the King of Kings.Millennium, The LORD Reigns (novel 2011)
The main characters, Jonathan and Sara Goldman and their earthly children and friends, descend to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem with the Conquering Messiah, Yeshua, the Master of the Universe. Now living in their eternal bodies, they begin new lives in the Millennium─the thousand year reign of the King of Kings centered in the Holy City, which is spreading out from Israel to the rest of the recovering world. While celebrating the Lord’s everlasting reign in the Jerusalem Temple, Jonathan and Sarah are reunited with saints from all the ages, including some family members they did not expect to see in glory. Some of the redeemed saints are soon sent out to rule earth’s small human population; mostly children who survived the end-time tribulation.

As the contrast increases between the Shining One’s majestic rule and the darkness of defiant human sin, the Millennial Kingdom rushes to a final showdown that pits two family members against each other in a dramatic clash of titanic proportions.

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