josephThe Bible Collection movie: This film is a recount of the Genesis 37−46 story of Joseph, the youngest son of Jacob─till Benjamin is born. Joseph embodies man’s trust in God. This movie is not rated, and it is suitable for children with parental supervision. However, since it is the story of the Bible’s Joseph and his family’s life, scenes such as his brothers’ hateful jealousy, child birth, half-sister Dinah’s violation in the hands of Shechem, a Canaanite prince’s son, and the subsequent vengeance of Dinah’s brothers by killing the Canaanite clansmen, are included. First-class acting, Biblical accuracy and eye for details make Joseph one of the best and most loved of Biblical movies. (Run time: 187 minutes)
The Pectoral of King Sesostris II (Serusret II) Sesostris II ruled Egypt during the 12th dynasty (19th century B.C.), the period when Joseph’s slavery is estimated to have begun.

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