great UnknownThe 11-song project celebrates the band’s broad range of contemporary musical styles with ancient, time-honored theological themes. The result is a listening experience that is God-honoring and soul-refreshing.

“It is about the journey we all go through with God, a journey of moving from faith to faith where you have to deal with a lot of unknowns. Sometimes, you just have to learn to let go…The CD pays tribute to the Old Testament, showing how Christ demonstrated His love for us by placing His blood on our hearts…These songs are responses to God’s glory, God’s change, God’s touch, God’s calling” (City of Peace Media).

Grammy and Dove Award-winning Christian music producer Ed Cash and his brother Scott Cash produced half of the songs, and David Liscum and Yochanan Marcellino from the House of Peace wrote two songs each, for God’s glory.

Price: $18.00