The Eternal City preparing for the future

Nir Barkat, the Mayor of Jerusalem, endorsed recently a massive building project to construct a whole new district in the city. The project is called “The Entrance to Jerusalem,” and it is expected to become one of the most prominent business districts in the Holy City. (See the wooded area in the photo above.) High-rise business and apartment buildings are been constructed also in other parts of Jerusalem and its suburbs. Jerusalem is preparing for future immigrants, new businesses, and for the 70th anniversary of the State in April 2018.

CFI Jerusalem’s new headquarters and Distribution Center are located in the heart of the new district. See the photo below of the multi-store Egged Business Center, which houses the new ministry headquarters. The move that took several months is now completed. The “Egged” is the largest bus company in Israel, and its main terminal is located on the ground floor─allowing easy access to the Distribution Center visitors.

Time after time, the world has declared to know better than the Jewish people the current and the future of the city of Jerusalem. The UN with its organizations has for decades voted resolutions to condemn Israel on every turn. The most recent, UN Resolution 2334, states that neither Jews nor Christians have historical ties to the Temple Mount. Because of this statement, the world─by the collected opinion of the United Nations─has rewritten the entire history of the Jewish people in Jerusalem and ignored God’s promises in His Word.

By denying Israel’s right to Jerusalem and collection of treasures such as the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls, the Arab world hopes to bring an end to the State of Israel. This would leave no people or place on earth for God Almighty to set up His Earthly Kingdom. Those who know God’s Word and live by it, know that no matter how hard the nations try to erase Israel from history, God has regathered His Chosen People for His plans and purposes. For every new immigrant and visitor the words from Psalm 122:2─4

speak of hope and future: Our feet are standing within your gates of Jerusalem. Jerusalem that is built as a city that is compact together, to which the tribes go up.

(Reference to FZS 4thQ2016 and The Times of Israel)