Wildfire Relief Fund

Please join us to assist the families in their difficult road to recovery. The immediate and long-term needs of the people are great all over Israel.

  We bless you and thank you for your support.

 Rehabilitating Israel’s forests

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has begun the demanding process of rehabilitating the forests and open areas. According to the current calculation, 4,100 hectares of trees and land were burned throughout Israel. Foresters are assessing the damage, focusing on preserving the surviving trees and ensuring natural renewal and planting. CFI─USA has participated in the reforestation of the Jerusalem Forest and planting trees in Jewish communities. We have planted cypress and fruit trees in Judea and Samaria. May none of those trees be destroyed in wildfires!

Hannele Pardain

One of the trees we have planted in Efrat, Samaria

Because of Christian Love and Compassion

We at Christian Friends of Israel focus on helping people so that many others will know we are genuine followers of Jesus by our love. We have been given the opportunity in Israel to impact the lives of many Jewish people.

When CFI began in 1985, only a few Israeli lives had been inspired by Christian action. In the early 1990s, when the floodgates of opportunity were flung wide open, God made it possible for a few Christians to begin repairing the damage done in Jesus’ name to His Chosen People. We slowly began to meet the needs of Jewish community members from every walk of life in the Land.

CFI Jerusalem staff members and international directors

A happy recipient of assistance from Ukraine

It is because of the hard work of Christian volunteers from many nations─who work alongside CFI’s leadership─that good things happen in the name of the Lord and for His Glory. It is also the result of faithful supporting individuals and churches─who love Jesus─who make our work possible. Every quarter we bring you stories from our outreach projects about how we are being received and how lives are being changed because of Christian love and compassion. It is God’s work, and we are privileged to be His Hands and Feet in the Land.

─Sharon Sanders, Jerusalem, For Zion’s Sake Magazine