The best act of kindness

Wisdom is required to enable us to best serve the needs in Israel.  Reaching out there requires traveling to individual homes, driving through Israeli traffic, trying to avoid traffic jams, locating the exact address of needy people, finding a parking space, and then walking─ sometimes several blocks─carrying gifts of love sent by the ministry supporters.

To find open doors to walk through requires the wisdom of understanding each person’s needs. The Jewish elderly in Israel often have just enough money to live on the most basic level, and at the end of every month must decide between paying for medicine or purchasing food. “The best acts of kindness aren’t random. They stem from understanding what the situation requires” (Rabbi Yehonasan Gefe)

CFI’s team members on a home visit to Holocaust survivors in Petach Tikvah.

Effective ministry is accomplished through faith put into practice in a demonstration of service to the people. Mostly neglected by historical Christendom and targets of Christian anti-Semitism, the Jewish people deserve to receive our love and kindness.

Friends who go to serve in Israel are a devoted and heart-inspiring team of Christians. They represent the true Christianity. In so many ways, they reflect the Macedonian woman, Lydia, who used her abilities, enthusiasm, singleness of purpose and mental acumen to bless others. Like Lydia, these servants of the Lordboth men and womenin spite of other obligations, set aside time each year to go and help. There is a place and opportunity for YOU to serve in Jerusalem.

Giving out His love

CFI’s Patty with a new immigrant mother and child.

A big salute and thank you to all the volunteers, and everyone involved on behalf of Israel at HELP International USA. The hard work and prayers for CFI’s ministry and the Jewish people helped us tear down many walls. On behalf of all the new immigrants that come to our Jerusalem Distribution Center, we express our deep gratitude for your constant support and prayers for Aliyah.  Our Distribution Center staff faithfully carries out this important work, to undo the damage done for twenty centuries in the name of Jesus. Plowing the ground has not been easy, but the ground is now softer toward the seeds of love that we plant in every heart of those who come to us at the Center. It is important for CFI to represent the One we follow in the right way. Because of partnering together, so many walls have been torn down and friendships strengthened. What a difference it has made in Israel toward Christians. Let’s keep working! It has been said, “our standard of giving is more important than our standard of living.” Thank you for making provision for the people of God! (Reference: Rocio Fordham, Open Gates) 

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