The urgency of the hour

As Israel makes plans for the 70th State Anniversary in April 2018, news about an expected conflict or war from Lebanon or Syria fill the minds of many Israelis. According to reports, Hezbollah has stockpiled a massive quantity of 130,000 rockets in Lebanon which is more than the combined arsenal of all NATO countries─with the exception of the US.

In additional to Iran’s threats, Russian military buildup in Syria concerns Israeli military leaders, as well as retaliation by Hamas from Gaza after Israel discovered and sealed ten terrorist tunnels that were dug under the border into Israel.

Pastor Rick Riding, from the Succat Hallel Congregation in Jerusalem, had a Heavenly vision in October 2017. It was about the coming judgment on the thrones of Islam and the shaking all over the Middle East. “There was a strong sense of the urgency of the hour,” says Rick Ridings. For preparation in case of emergency, the Iron Domes to intercept incoming missiles have been moved to the north and the center of Israel as well.

Ron Demer, Israel’s Ambassador to the US, said on December 4, that a war with Iranian proxies (in Lebanon and Syria) on the northern border could be just weeks away. He also spoke about the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, stating that, “It will not hamper future peace agreements with the Palestinian Authority. On the contrary, I think it will actually lay a cornerstone for peace because every single peace plan that has ever been put down has Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital. Palestinians have to deal with that reality.”

Indeed, this is the time to pray for Israel’s survival and strength for all believers in the countries of the Middle East. (Reference to online news and reports.)

The city walls and Yaffa Gate as seen from the new Mamilla neighborhood.
The Ottoman built walls have stood time and conflicts since 1541 AD.

The Lord has chosen Zion

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem after the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“The Jewish People determined Jerusalem to be its capital 3,000 years ago. Here our forefathers walked. Here our kings ruled. Here our prophets preached. Here are our roots”

      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, December 7, 2017. (Psalm 122:1−9)

Intercede on behalf of Israel as they face again a possible conflict or war from the north.

I was crying to the LORD with my voice and He answered me from His holy mountain  (Psalm 3:4).

 Beseech the Lord on behalf of the Trump Administration to do God’s will concerning the expected US Embassy relocation to Jerusalem as the City is holy to God.

For the LORD has chosen Zion, He has desired it for His habitation. This is My resting place forever, here I will dwell, for I have desired it   (Psalm 132:1314).

Pray for Israel’s spiritual leaders in synagogues and churches to draw people back to God according to His ways, not the ways of the world.

Behold, bless the LORD all servants of the LORD who serve by night in the house of the LORD!

 For all intercessors we pray:

May the LORD bless you from Zion, He who made heaven and earth (Psalm 134:1−3).