Uniting Jews worldwide

Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda was born in Luzhki, the Vilna Governorate of the Russian empire in 1858. When he passed away 64 years later in 1922, over 30,000 people attended his funeral on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. What was it that made him so respected and honored?

While studying in Europe, he became acquainted with the early Zionist movement and concluded that the revival of the Hebrew language in the Land of Israel could unite all Jews worldwide.

In 1881, Ben-Yehuda immigrated to the Ottoman-ruled Palestine. Motivated by the surrounding ideas and rejecting the diaspora lifestyle, Ben-Yehuda set out to develop a new language that could replace Yiddish and other regional dialects as a means of everyday communication between Jews who make Aliyah from various regions of the world. He regarded Hebrew and Zionism as symbiotic: “The Hebrew language can live only if we revive the nation and return it to the fatherland,” he wrote.

After decades of hard work with the language and the relentless opposition─especially from the ultra-Orthodox community in the land,─ Ben-Yehuda succeeds in introducing Hebrew as a modern language for everyday use. “Before Ben-Yehuda, Jews could speak Hebrew, after him, they did” (Cecil Roth).

In August, I participated in a Torah Study Conference in
NC where the grandson of Ben-Yehuda, Rabbi Eliezer
Ben-Yehuda, lectured. He autographed my 1891 published Hebrew Genesis


Israel’s 70th Birthday

Christian Friends of Israel invites you to Jerusalem for the celebration conference from April 16─19, 2018. Come join Israelis for the70th anniversary of the State.

The tentative program features conference speaker session, dance group, afternoon excursion to Yad HaShmona and joining Israelis for celebrations in Jerusalem with fireworks, street performances, refreshments and the IDF Air Show.

Invited speakers include Danny Ayalon (former Israeli Ambassador to the US), Chris Mitchell, Rick Ridings, Jonathan Spyer, David Nekrutman, Sharon Sanders and others, as well as musicians.

Rick Ridings, Danny Ayalon, Chris Mitchell

The conference venue, Hotel Yehuda, is situated in Giv’at Masu’a neighborhood in Jerusalem. The new-looking hotel is well maintained with nice rooms and conference and dining facilities. There is also a beautiful garden around the hotel. Travel by city bus or taxi.

For hotel details, visit www.byh.co.il/about. More details: cfiusa@cfi-usa.org or events@cfijerusalem.org