We invite you to be a part of blessing Israel by providing practical assistance for new immigrants, soldiers, Holocaust survivors, the community of believers, victims of terror and other underprivileged in the Land.
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Project: Hurricane Harvey
Join us to assist the community in Houston.
Project: First Fruits
Join us to assist the community of believers in the Land.
Project: Promised Land
The future of Israel 


Project: Wild Fires
Together we can fight to combat the
devastating blazes across Israel
Project: CFI Latin America
Growing love toward Israel in the former Spanish colony of Cuba 
Project: AliyahNew Immigrants
Record numbers of new immigrants from Europe and North America 
Israel-Under-AttackProject: Israel Under Attack
Assisting families who are hurt in the Gaza fire
Widows-and-OrphansProject: Widows and Orphans
Provide care for the forgotten with a loving gift.
Special-Needs-Israeli-ChildrenProject: Special-Needs Israeli Children
Provide care & school needs
Security-of-Jewish-CommunitiesProject: Security of Jewish Communities
Help communities provide security with the technology and manpower that make it possible.
Victims-of-terror-001Project: Victims of Terror
Provide practical assistance for victims and their families in Israel.
Holocaust-SurvivorProject: Holocaust Survivors
Care for lonely & forgotten survivors of the Holocaust.
BneiProject: Bnei Menashe
This project helps Jewish Immigrants from India.

Project: “Plant a Tree in Israel.”
After the November arson fires, much of Israel’s natural forest needs to be replanted. Please help to rebuild the forests of God’s land. $18.00/per tree, “Special Instructions” – during the payment process, fill out about making the planting in honor of your church, a loved one, or on behalf of yourself. Click here

Project: Medical Motorcycles Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank is the Magen David Adom (MDA) or “Red Shield of David.”

Project: Lance LambertIn Honor of Lance Lambert gifts will be designated for Holocaust survivors in Israel.

Project: Rescue of Ukrainian Jews
Assisting in the effort to bring Ukrainian Jews to Israel
Household-of-FaithProject: Household of Faith in the Land
Encouraging & assisting brothers & sisters of faith.
Streams-of-BlessingProject: Streams of Blessing
Be a part of helping the  neglected and very poor in Israel.
Fleece-Jackets-for-IDFProject: Fleece Jackets for IDF Soldiers
Helping to keep soldiers warm during winter months.
Immigrants-from-RussiaProject: Immigrants from Russia
Blessing immigrants from the former Soviet Union.
Immigrants-from-Ethiopia-001Project: Immigrants from Ethiopia
Providing help for recent Ethiopian Jewish immigrants.
Communities-under-fire---SderotProject: Communities Under Fire
Support communities under terrorist fire from Gaza and Lebanon. Schools, businesses and homes are daily in danger.