Israel’s finest taken down

In late September, Israeli news reported about the Har Adar (near Jerusalem) terrorist attack. A Border policeman and two security guards were killed. An Arab terrorist opened fire on a group of security personnel who were opening the Har Adar community entrance to       Palestinian workers. As a result, the community was closed and Palestinians lost their day’s pay!

The terrorist did not take down only the three exceptional men but caused another trauma and the deep loss for their families. Staff Sergeant Gavriyah from Beer Ya’akov had joined the Border Police for his mandatory national service and had recently served as a policeman in the Jerusalem area. Security guard Ottoman from Abu Gosh was known to offer a helping hand to everyone, also to Palestinian workers in his community. Security guard

Or Arish was a friendly local man from Har Adar. May their memory be blessed as their families, communities and all Israel mourn for them. CFI’s project for soldiers continues to encourage warriors of the Israeli Border Police, the IDF and the Reserve Units. With your support, we are able to provide special equipment, as well as items such as tactical gloves, knee pads and thermal wear for cold nights in the southern desert and northern mountains. Together with you, we combat the evil of anti-Semitism and bless Israel’s finest. Thank you! (Jim McKenzie, CFI)