My help comes from the LORD

Giving thanks

“I will lift up my eyes to the mountains. From whence shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to slip, He who keeps you will not slumber” (Psalm 121:2−3 NAS).

We begin a new year with you, thanking the Lord for His care. We sincerely thank Him for protecting Israel, its leadership, and citizens. We praise the Lord, God of Israel, for the new US Administration, and pray for them wisdom to lead the nation into the coming years. We thank the Almighty for protecting CFI’s staff all over the world and providing the many assistance projects we have for the best of the people of Israel.

New immigrants continue coming

November was a record-breaking month in the Jerusalem Distribution Center. Large groups from northern Israel visited the Center for assistance. They included pensioners, new immigrants, and others. After the visits, they all took home colorful gift bags full of clothing and household items. Hebrew Scriptures are always shared with the visitors and they may request a copy of the Tanach (Old Testament) in their language. We sincerely thank you all who have sent clothing packages to Israel!

Only God can heal traumatic experiences

During the past few years, Palestinians in Gaza have fired thousands of rockets into Sderot and other centers in the south. While visiting Israel a few months ago, I joined a few other CFI directors to meet with a special person in the southern town of Sderot. She was a young woman who had lost her family. Her two children and mother had died in a Gaza rocket attack. Then her husband left her, leaving her all alone. We brought her some supplies and hugged her, but any word of comfort seemed empty because of the great loss she had suffered. To my surprise, this young woman was able to face her future with hope, and she thanked us for coming. Only God was able to heal her deep trauma!

There are many other families and individuals who live with overwhelming trauma. One of the families is Shlomo, his wife Yael and their two military-age daughters. They lived in poverty with a large debt, and their situation looked hopeless. Yael was confined in a wheelchair waiting for surgery, and Shlomo was severely traumatized and restless.

As time passed, Shlomo begun reading the Scriptures and praying with a prayer shawl wrapped around him. The Lord responded by ministering healing. Shlomo’s countenance changed as the spirit of heaviness was lifted, and he found encouragement, comfort and hope.

Avi, a seventeen-year old young man, was injured in a terror attack at the Ben Yehudah pedestrian mall. His best friend died in the attack. After a long hospital stay with several surgeries, Avi was severely depressed and unable to sleep. A year in rehab did not help much. Then one day, Avi’s mother again contacted CFI, telling that Avi had begun reading the Bible. They both now acknowledge that God is their only hope.

Thank you for praying healing for thousands of traumatized victims and their families. Our Jerusalem teams visit these families in their homes, hospitals and rehab centers. Your support makes the work possible. Thank you.