Exciting times

There has been so much Biblical prophecy taking place in Israel over the past months. It is mind boggling but so powerfully invigorating as we watch the power of God’s prophetic Word arise in today’s modern world to prove its eternity.

The Temple Mount─on which the Jewish people have not been able to pray for over ten years─has again come under Jewish control. No doubt this will cause endless anger and hatred from the radical Muslims. However, God will do things His way. War looms on our horizon and even Iran is getting into the picture. Pro-Iranian forces are circling the nation and Hezbollah is ready for a war in the north from Lebanon. Gaza is a boiling pot of hatred from Palestinian terrorists. Iran, Syria, Egypt and other neighboring Arab countries are making
plans to join together for one purpose: TO DESTROY ISRAEL.

This places us all who work for the ministry right in the heart of the conflict. The good news is that we are staying here and continuing with the Lord’s work. Because of the past thirty years of plowing some hard ground, the relationships between Jewish people and Christians have changed. You are a part of God’s plan and work for His people. Your prayers and support have made it possible. We all with the ministry thank you and bless you from the Holy City. (Reference to Sharon Sanders’ letter)