Flow of Blessings

Streams of Blessing flows out to areas of Israeli society that are not covered by any other project. This project assists Israelis from all walks of life. It is open to all disadvantaged and forgotten. Included are the extremely poor and needy, elderly, Red Army War Veteran, WWI  victims of war (other than concentration camps), and a host of other areas within Israeli society of people in need. They usually have no other place to turn to for help in the time of their need

Streams of Blessing conducts personal home visits which touch lives of those to whom we aid and minister. Also, their family, neighbors close-by and friends come to know about the ministry as word of mouth spreads from home to home. CFI’s thirty years or touching lives has left a testimonial in my Jewish hearts to pave the Highway of Holiness to Zion which is being built for the Lord’s return. Healing is the essence of our work in Jewish hearts in the Land.

Each Stream of Blessing encounter is a life-changing experience. The healing balm applied to the wound of the past is attributed to the Lord go with us into every home we visit. Besides their own Jewish peopleChristians are the only people group in the world correcting their mistakes of the past─all part of reconciliation between Jews and Christians today.

Much more work can be done to include survivors of the Chernobyl/Kiev disaster who now live in Israel and additional veterans of the Red Army. You play a key role in the ministry of Streams of Blessing. Your prayers and support form the foundation from where practical help flows as rivers of blessings in the dry land.

Thank you and bless you!