Christians supported us!

A few months ago, Leah Gamboa visited CFI’s Distribution Center for assistance. The Gamboas are a family of six. In the mid-70s, during Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship, Juan Gamboa went to the Chilean Chancellery to obtain paperwork needed for their family’s Aliyah process. When the officer in charge learned that he was a Jew, he stopped him, insulted him and was going to arrest him. Finally, a different officer released Juan and told him not to return. Their daughter was once stoned by another student at the school. The family was afraid for their safety and decided to move to an island in southern Chile, where they lived for 20 years.

On her visit, Leah told how her family had experienced anti-Semitism and a few of her relatives had suffered persecution and torture. It had been done in the name of Jesus by the Catholic Church. Leah continued that Evangelical Christians had always supported them and encouraged them to move to Israel.

Leah was very touched and grateful for the help she received from CFI. She said that from the moment the family decided to “come up to Israel” God has blessed them tremendously. We thank you for your financial gifts and clothing shipments for Latino Jews! (Adopted from Rocio Fordham’s article (FZS 3rdQ2016).