The Apple of God’s Eye

Streams of Blessing is our outreach project that encompasses and covers a large number of Jewish people from all walks of life, all ages, and in many different situations. We never run out of situations to face that are heartrending, sad, and in some cases tragic. People in all nations face poverty, sickness, and disease; however, when God’s Chosen People suffer and there is no one to help them, God goes searching for those who will.

He searches for comforters, helpers and those willing to pray.

CFI’s Distribution Center: Well organized clothing, toys, household items, wedding dresses, groom’s suits, and many other good-quality items fill the rooms. Visitors trying out a gift walker in the Center.

In this century, with much abundance in the West, in Europe, the Far East, and other nations, is it possible that we can overlook our Jewish brothers and sisters who are in such desperate need? We have an unprecedented window of opportunity given to us, today, to touch the Apple of God’s Eye (Zachariah 2:8) with mercy and kindness, just as God Himself reached out to us Gentiles by bringing the news of the Jewish Messiah to us. Will we return the blessing? Will you help us to change history to a future that will respect and protect the Jewish people?