Life counts in any age

Parents have always known that raising children and educating them is a challenge all over the world. The task is more difficult in families where parents are unemployed or facing health challenges. For a young person, schooling becomes an overwhelming burden without substantial support from home. Elderly pensioners requiring medical treatments can no longer afford groceries, upkeep of their homes or other life necessities.

streamms2According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, more than 1.7 million people (22 %) live currently in poverty in Israel, including 776,500 children. The situation among seniors is equally dire. Many in the country rely on Israel’s non-profit organizations to bridge the gap caused mostly by ever increasing housing prices and rent, as well as reduction in child allowances. When an unemployment situation and high medical costs are added to the mix, new immigrants, families, veterans, Holocaust survivors and others are struggling to survive.

Since 1990, CFI has assisted large numbers of poor families, the elderly and other disadvantaged groups.

With your support, we continue to meet their needs. You are investing in this process, where every life counts. Thank you!

“Lessons from the Life of Lance Lambert”

lessonLanceIn our May Israel news letter we advertised the latest DVD program about Lance Lambert’s life.

It has now come to our attention that this DVD may not play properly in the USA. The British producer, HaTikvah Films, has confirmed that the DVD is coded as “All PAL” which is supposed to play in all world regions.

As a consequence, we have removed the DVD from our bookstore and the on-line store. We apologize for any inconvenience this DVD matter may have caused you.

Currently this fifteen-part program is available for a small fee On Demand on the producer HaTikvah Film’s website. If you wish to view it online, please visit HaTikvah Films:

The world media is always eager to put forth news and documentation about the Arab/Muslim Palestine. One of the arguments they make is that there were hardly any Jews in the land during the turn of the 20th century. The statistics below prove them wrong for Jerusalem (Ottoman Census (1905), Census of British Palestine, Jerusalem Municipality and Israel Central Bureau of Statistics).

Jerusalem population since 1905

Year            Jews            Muslims            Christians*              Total

1905            13,300            11,000                8,100                    32,400

1931            51,200            19,900               18,953                   90,053

1944            97,000            30,600                29,400                 157,000

1967            195,700           54,963              12,644                  263,307

1987            340,000            121,000             14,000               475,000

2011            497,000            281,000              23,000              801,000

*Christians include also other minority groups.