Lord Balfour’s Declaration

One hundred years ago, on November 2, 1917, a historic document called the Balfour Declaration was signed. The essence of the document was about the British Government’s favorable view about the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine. The region was part of the fading Ottoman Empire; therefore, Britain had no real power to promise anything to anybody. As years passed, the Balfour Declaration gained recognition and the power to pave the way for an independent Jewish state─as soon as the British forces left Palestine.

Since the 100-year anniversary, the document─along with the British Government and Her Majesty, the Queen─has come under criticism from Muslim groups, such as the Palestinian Authority. The document is already a century old, but the dispute goes on.

Who were the ANZACs?

ANZAC Light Horse Association riders near Beersheba in October
2017 during a centennial re-enactment of the 1917 victory

During WW1, also Beersheba in southern Palestine was under the Ottoman forces. Soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps were commanded to battle the Ottoman army. The ANZAC troops were victorious and captured the city of Beersheba.

Historian Kelvin Crombie, writes: “This victory was a turning point in the Middle East campaign. It helped in clearing the way to Jerusalem and boosted the morale of the Allied Forces who had suffered terribly in Francedue to overpowering German forces.” (Look for Amazon books: “Anzacs & Israel─A Significant Connection” by Kelvin Crombie)

Praying for showers from Heaven

Whether we are pleading or crying out to God to preserve Israel from the dreaded peril of her enemies, or to keep her safe in dangerous times, there is no darkness that can keep the light of prayer from shining through. The wonderful characteristic of prayer is that one can pray anywhere, at any time and in any place. We may pray with a friend or agree with a praying contact on the other side of the globe.

Matthew 18:19─20 states: “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst.”

 Let’s pray in the spirit of intercession        

  • Pray for peace and security over Israel for the 70th anniversary year in 2018.
  • Hold up CFI’s plans for April 2018 conference and blessings over international participants.
  • Thank God for PM Netanyahu and cover him and his family in daily prayers.
  • Call upon God of Israel to watch over army camps, infantry soldiers and border police as the enemy targets them day and night.
  • Pray for first responders as they hurry to reach terror attack and accident victims to save their lives.
  • Ask for showers of Heaven to nourish the land as Galilee in the north is experiencing one of the worst droughts in 100 years.
  • Pray for Israelis to know that You are the only help in times of danger, need and darkness and to call upon your name.

I know that the LORD will maintain a cause of the afflicted, and justice for the poor. Surely the righteous will give thanks to Thy name, the upright will dwell in Thy presence.
Psalm 140:12─13 NASB