God’s divine choice

 The following chapters are excerpts from “The Glory of Thy People Israel,” by Lance Lambert (2012).  

“I have said to my American friends: If I were to stand in Washington─that most beautiful city in the new world─ near the Washington Memorial, and say: ‘You see all this? It is all going to disappear. God is going to judge this whole situation, and it will disappear so completely that the world will not even know there was a Washington. It will become a myth or a legend, as if it had never existed.’ You would laugh at me and say, ‘How could Washington disappear? It is so great; it is the capital of the superpower of the world. How could Washington disappear?’ But they all disappear. It is only Jerusalem that endures.

“Babylon disappeared so completely that for some centuries they thought it was like Atlantis─a legend. They believed that some people cooked up the idea of this magnificent metropolis of the ancient world in their fevered imagination, and if it had been anything at all it was a little village. It was the German Oriental Society and others who began to uncover the remains of Babylon 150 years ago, and as they uncovered it, to their speechless amazement, they found a magnificent city.

“There is not a human city that will not disappear. London, Washington, Paris, Rome, Bern, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Peking and Tokyo are all going to go for they are the human cities of a fallen world and order. But Jerusalem is here to stay and will never disappear until the King comes and God has won the battle of the ages. When that day comes, there will be a new world order.

“This love story of the Jewish people with Jerusalem began with a divine choice. Only God could have chosen Jerusalem, a city that had no commercial or natural advantage at all compared with other capital cities. I am so thankful that the Jewish people, even in our fallen state, have not been left to ourselves. The grace of God has been with us all through the last 1,800 years of our exile until our return.

“This long connection with Jerusalem is overlooked by most of the world. They would like to think the Jews had a connection with Jerusalem in the time of David some 3,000 years ago, and that they even had a connection with

The Jewish connection with Jerusalem

Jerusalem in the time of Jesus about 2,000 years ago. But they overlook the fact that all the way through these 1,800 years there has been a connection with Jerusalem.

“As we look at this, it is extraordinary that over these last 2,500 years there have been no more than about 500 years in which Jews have not been here, and that is scattered over a period of time. Furthermore, except for the Crusader period Jerusalem has never been the capital of any other peoples. In all those years Jerusalem was ruled from Babylon or Rome or Constantinople or London or Amman. Sometimes she was ruled in the Arab period from Bagdad, Cairo, or Damascus. But Jerusalem was never the capital of any other race, except the Crusader period, unless the Jews were there.

The Glory of Thy People Israel by Lance Lambert B61 for $10.00 Book Orders: www.cfi-usa.org cfiusa@cfi-usa.org 704.544.9110.

The Glory of Thy People Israel by Lance Lambert B61 for $10.00 Book Orders: www.cfi-usa.org cfiusa@cfi-usa.org 704.544.9110.

“I believe that these facts need to be known by Christian people. It is a fallacy which people believe, that the Jews have only become a majority in Jerusalem in the last fifteen years. In fact, there has been a Jewish majority in Jerusalem since 1840.”

  ─ Lance Lambert