Bearing witness of His love

New immigrants Sergey and Elaina with their young daughter Anna came from Kazakhstan. Life in Israel was much better than back in their old home country. Well-educated and speaking several languages, Sergey was quickly employed in Israel’s technology industry. Both parents working, they found a good school for their young daughter. Life was good and the family was happy in their new home.

Suddenly and without warning, Sergey was told that his services were no longer needed and his job would be eliminated. His position would no longer be needed. Months moved forward but no new job came available. Sergey and Elaina fell months behind in their payment for Anna’s day school care.

CFI received an appeal from the day school, as they knew that there were Christians in the land who truly

cared about the struggles so many young Israeli families face in their first years in the country. Understanding the situation and ready to meet the challenges faced by this family, CFI’s First Fruits Project was honored to provide the school with payment for the months missed on the child’s billing and, beyond that, took care of the months remaining of this school year. Anna’s care was provided without causing new debt.

The young couple expressed an overwhelming gratitude as their realized that Christians in the nations were there to stand alongside them in the time of desperate need. Your generous and continued support made this and other assistance possible. From our hearts, we thank you for your God-given compassion and willing heart to help the Household of Faith in the Land.(Reference to For Zion’s Sake 3rdQ2017, Kevin Howard)