Foreseeing a new era for Israel?

The entire world─as represented in the United Nations─ came against Israel last year. The latest UN Security Council Resolution 2334 was a total opposition to Israel and its capital of Jerusalem. Since Israel does not have a vote in the Security Council, they were left to watch yet another resolution forced upon the Jewish state.

Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament

On January 17, 2017, the sun rose again over the Holy City. As an unexpected move, Antonio Tajani, an Italian-born politician, was elected as the President of the European Parliament. Mr. Tajani already served the UN as an acting president and he is known as a true friend of Israel.


In his speech in Toulouse, France, before senior European rabbis, rabbinical judges and leaders of Jewish organizations from 32 European countries, Mr. Tajani said, “We respect the precepts of your faith and will fight without compromise for this right. The Jews are and were an important part of Europe’s history, present and future.” (more…)

Territory of Judah may be divided

“The boundary [of the Tribe of Judah] ascended from the Valley of Achor to Debir and turned north to Gilgal, facing the Ascent of Adumin, which is south of the wadi” (Joshua 15:7 and Joshua 18:17).

Ma’aleh Adumim is one of the largest cities in the West Bank of the Jordan River with a population of 37,500. Its name, Ma’aleh Adumim or “Ascent of Red,” comes from the word “red” or “adumim,” which refers to the red-colored rock ascending from the Dead Sea.

For the past 23 years, Israel has been in the midst of a “peace process” and, therefore, has been obligated to work toward the creation of a viable Palestinian state─within Israel’s own borders. This obligation holds, whether negotiations are active or not. The recent UN resolution demands Israel to end all community and settlement activity in the land that Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 Six-Day War. The stated purpose of this resolution is to divide the land of Israel by the United Nations’ vote. (more…)

World powers and refugee resettlement

In the past three years, world conflicts and wars have uprooted tens of millions of people from their homes and home countries. Today Christians are the most persecuted people all around the world. Open Doors USA lists fifty countries where it is dangerous or at least very difficult to be a Christian. Endless crowds of Muslim migrants have made their way to the European countries, and many also to the US. Where are the Christian refugees?