February Project: Jewish Communities under attack

February Project: Jewish Communities under attack

Israel’s right to exist

Israel was severely attacked by the United Nation’s Resolution 2334 on December 23. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders responded, defending the state. “We will continue to defend our state and we will develop the country,” said PM Netanyahu on December 26. Continue reading

In the midst of all shaking…

In the midst of all shaking…

My anger is stirred up

The following prophecy from the Lord was released through the late minister, Lance Lambert, in November 1998:

“My anger is stirred up,” says the Lord, “against the nations for they are dividing My land and seeking to destroy My heritage. My furious anger is like a boiling cauldron against those powerful states that have produced such strategies, and who, by pressures and manipulation, are seeking to implement them.”


“Now I will become their enemy,” says the Lord, “and I will judge them with natural disasters, by physical catastrophes, by fire, by flood, by an earthquake and by eruptions.”


“I will touch the seas, and the atmosphere, the earth and all that is within them. Moreover, I will touch them where it will hurt them the most, for I will touch their power and the foundations of their affluence and prosperity. I will smash their prosperous economies,” says the Lord.  “They sit like potentates, so safe, so secure, believing in their own cleverness and wisdom and power; but I, the LORD, I will cause them to stumble.”


Continue reading

United against the Jewish state

United against the Jewish state

The UN Security Council Resolution 2334

What did happen in the Security Council on December 23, 2016? World news outlets displayed headlines such as “a shameless ambush” or “Palestinian Authority’s victory” and “a show of hostility toward Israel.” Originally a text drafted by Egypt and soon supported by three other Council member states passed by a vote 14−0 as the Resolution 2334 in the Security Council. Continue reading

Commemorating one hundred years of the Balfour Declaration

Commemorating one hundred years of the Balfour Declaration

The road to the rebirth of the State of Israel

The World War I, or also known as the Great War, as one of the largest wars in all history, was still raging in 1917. More than 70 million military personnel from the world power alliances were mobilized. The war was also one of the deadliest conflicts ever and paved the way for major political changes. Continue reading

When ISIS fighters met IDF

When ISIS fighters met IDF

On Sunday morning November 27, a unit from the Golani Brigade was patrolling on the southern Golan Heights, at the intersection of the borders of Jordan, Syria and Israel.

Suddenly a group of ISIS fighters in a pickup truck arrived in the area, opening heavy machine-gun fire and launching mortar shells toward the IDF soldiers from a few hundred meters inside Syrian territory. Continue reading

Wildfire Relief Fund

Wildfire Relief Fund

Please join us to assist the families in their difficult road to recovery. The immediate and long-term needs of the people are great all over Israel.

  We bless you and thank you for your support.

 Rehabilitating Israel’s forests

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has begun the demanding process of rehabilitating the forests and open areas. According to the current calculation, 4,100 hectares of trees and land were burned throughout Israel. Foresters are assessing the damage, focusing on preserving the surviving trees and ensuring natural renewal and planting. CFI─USA has participated in the reforestation of the Jerusalem Forest and planting trees in Jewish communities. We have planted cypress and fruit trees in Judea and Samaria. May none of those trees be destroyed in wildfires!

Hannele Pardain

One of the trees we have planted in Efrat, Samaria

Because of Christian Love and Compassion

We at Christian Friends of Israel focus on helping people so that many others will know we are genuine followers of Jesus by our love. We have been given the opportunity in Israel to impact the lives of many Jewish people.

When CFI began in 1985, only a few Israeli lives had been inspired by Christian action. In the early 1990s, when the floodgates of opportunity were flung wide open, God made it possible for a few Christians to begin repairing the damage done in Jesus’ name to His Chosen People. We slowly began to meet the needs of Jewish community members from every walk of life in the Land.

CFI Jerusalem staff members and international directors

A happy recipient of assistance from Ukraine

It is because of the hard work of Christian volunteers from many nations─who work alongside CFI’s leadership─that good things happen in the name of the Lord and for His Glory. It is also the result of faithful supporting individuals and churches─who love Jesus─who make our work possible. Every quarter we bring you stories from our outreach projects about how we are being received and how lives are being changed because of Christian love and compassion. It is God’s work, and we are privileged to be His Hands and Feet in the Land.

─Sharon Sanders, Jerusalem, For Zion’s Sake Magazine

From Ashes to Recovery

From ashes to recovery

We will plant, build and deepen our roots─PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Surveying the aftermath of the massive November wildfires, PM Benjamin Netanyahu said, “In the place of every tree that was blackened, another ten green trees will bloom. That is what our predecessors did since the establishment of the Zionist enterprise, and that is what we will do as well: plant, build and deepen our roots.”

Forest fires are all too familiar in Israel. One may remember the 2012 fatal fires on Mount Carmel and many other fire disasters in the recent years. In the November wildfires, arson was the main cause. A total of 122 people were injured. Severe air pollution was reported across the country, and people were hospitalized for smoke inhalation. Continue reading

My help comes from the LORD

My help comes from the LORD

Giving thanks

“I will lift up my eyes to the mountains. From whence shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to slip, He who keeps you will not slumber” (Psalm 121:2−3 NAS).

We begin a new year with you, thanking the Lord for His care. We sincerely thank Him for protecting Israel, its leadership, and citizens. We praise the Lord, God of Israel, for the new US Administration, and pray for them wisdom to lead the nation into the coming years. We thank the Almighty for protecting CFI’s staff all over the world and providing the many assistance projects we have for the best of the people of Israel. Continue reading

Year End Gift

Year-end gift to bless Israel

There is still time to make a year-end gift. Over 2.5 million Israelis live in poverty and many more families lost so much in the recent terrorist fires. Ministries like CFI are needed for critically important assistance work. Together with you, we bring hope for their future and knowledge of the Messiah to His people.

Please join us today to bless Israel by making a year-end donation for 2016. Thank you.

Brighter future ahead

December Project:  Household of Faith in the Land

From the very first year of the work of CFI−USA, the needs of the Household of Faith in Israel were important to us. Ephesians 6:23 records how Paul encouraged Ephesians to put on the Armor of God and pronounced a blessing on them as follows

 “Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ with a love incorruptible.”

A practical help in forms of rent and medical assistance, clothing, educational material and household needs represent a life-changing blessing for many struggling with life’s many demands. Brothers and sisters in faith stand tall in spite of the spiritual warfare in the Middle East because of the love and support they receive from you in the nations. The following thanks from Ethiopian immigrants and other needy tell it all, from their hearts:

“Grace and peace…we are so thankful for your support for our people for so many years. Let the God of Israel bless you as you bless us. We do not have enough income to manage the family… We are so thankful for CFI. Let God of Israel bless you.”

“Greetings…we would like to thank you for the generous gift…designated for summer camps for children of needy families. It has been a great encouragement for the parents and a great blessing for the children.”

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the financial help that you gave me. May God bless you for your kindness and may you always be able to bless others.

Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world (James 1:27).”