March 2018: Project

Flow of Blessings

Streams of Blessing flows out to areas of Israeli society that are not covered by any other project. This project assists Israelis from all walks of life. It is open to all disadvantaged and forgotten. Included are the extremely poor and needy, elderly, Red Army War Veteran, WWI  victims of war (other than concentration camps), and a host of other areas within Israeli society of people in need. They usually have no other place to turn to for help in the time of their need

Streams of Blessing conducts personal home visits which touch lives of those to whom we aid and minister. Also, their family, neighbors close-by and friends come to know about the ministry as word of mouth spreads from home to home. CFI’s thirty years or touching lives has left a testimonial in my Jewish hearts to pave the Highway of Holiness to Zion which is being built for the Lord’s return. Healing is the essence of our work in Jewish hearts in the Land. Continue reading

For I know the plans that I have for you…

Yad VaShem’s research continues

The World Holocaust Remembrance Center calls the Polish Holocaust bill very regrettable and says that it will risk distorting history. Yad VaShem vows to continue supporting research into the Polish population’s attitudes toward Jews in general and the role the Poles played in the persecution of Polish Jews during the Holocaust. The move by the Polish Parliament drew condemnation in Israel from across the political spectrum. Knesset Ministers have called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to immediately recall Israel’s ambassador from Poland. Continue reading

Respecting the memory of the lost

One cannot change history…

The annual Holocaust Victims Remembrance Day is commemorated on January 27. In 1945, it was the day when the largest Nazi concentration and death camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, was liberated. To the surprise of many, recent political views from Poland tried to minimize the significance of this year’s commemoration.

It is well documented that six of the Nazi extermination camps were built in Poland─Auschwitz-Birkenau being the largest and most well-known. In the period of six years, from 1941 to 1945, over 3.0 million Polish Jews were exterminated. About 1.9 million non-Jewish Poles were killed, as well. After seventy-three years since WW2 ended, it is hard to comprehend the death and destruction the war caused all over Europe and beyond. Continue reading

Wind of Violence as a harbinger of the independent state

The Civil War months in Mandatory Palestine

The Hadassah Medical Center (est. in 1934, fourteen years before the state of Israel) operates two university hospitals (Ein Kerem and Mount Scopus), as well as, schools of medicine, dentistry, nursing, and pharmacology, affiliated with the Hebrew University. Its declared mission is to extend a hand to all, without regard to race, religion or origin. Continue reading

February 2018 Project: Jewish communities

 For security’s sake

Welcome to Efrat in the mountains of Judea! This Community, with a population of 8,700 people, was established in 1983 and is considered the capital of the Gush Etzion block. It is situated about 7.5 miles south of Jerusalem, between Bethlehem and Hebron. On our visits to tree planting in Efrat, we have met Mayor Oded Ravivi and other community members.

Since Efrat also has been a target of terrorist attacks, they need emergency equipment and life-saving devices to protect their residents. Surveillance cameras are critically important to spot terrorists before they infiltrate the community. Please join us to assist Efrat for the sake of all the residents’ security. Thank you!

For everything, there is a season…

Projects of aid and encouragement

While asking for help is never easy and can be quite humbling for many people, it has always been the heart of CFI that those in need never be ashamed to reach out in times of real struggle.


FIRST FRUITS has always been a hand up project to believers in the Land. It is indeed our honor to assist as many as we can in the household of faith─because of your generosity. For Jews to know that Christians in the nations care so deeply about their well-being and ability to thrive warms everybody’s heart.

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE cares for the members of the Ethiopian Jewish community. CFI has seen many changes in these communities desire to improve their lives and children’s education. Your support is aiding children of all ages in afterschool programs and enrichment centers. More work is needed, but new opportunities are on the horizon.

STREAMS OF BLESSING offers assistance to the forgotten, lonely and the poorest of the population. Also, CFI’s work teams from the nations are changing lives of many as tiny homes of single parents and lone elders are cleaned, repaired and redecorated. Your continued support is making a real difference in the land.

FORSAKE THEM NOT concentrates in caring for the elderly Holocaust survivors. The Holocaust, as the biggest tragedy of the Jewish people and one of the greatest atrocities of the 20th century, took place over 70 years ago. It left deep wounds in the hearts and lives of the survivors. CFI’s team feels a great privilege to meet these survivors who have experienced horrors and carry pain, humiliation, and loss in their hearts.

OPEN GATES has assisted new Russian immigrants since 1990. In the recent years, increasing numbers of immigrants have arrived from Ukraine and several of the Russian republics. Open Gates is busy assisting newcomers also from Columbia, Brazil, Cuba and other countries. Their exodus continues, as do their visits to our Distribution Center, aided by your prayers and support! (Reference to For Zion’s Sake Magazine, 4thQ 2017)

We raise our voices in the Spirit

This New Year, may we raise our voices and, with unity in the Spirit, lift our hearts to heaven for all Israel and for the soon return of the Messiah.

Intercede for the security of Israel’s northern border

  • Assisted by Iran, ISIS and Hezbollah are preparing for a war with Israel.

Ask God’s favor for Israel’s leadership

  • Prime Minister Netanyahu needs the wisdom to deal with domestic and foreign opposition and hatred.

Pray urgently for increase of Jewish immigration

  • Anti-Semitism is rapidly growing in Europe. It is time for Jewish families to come home to Israel.

Intercede for Israel’s military

  • IDF soldiers, who risk their lives daily, are the guardians of the homeland.

Pray for the move of the Holy Spirit

  • May all Israel place her trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Cover in prayer CFI’s assistance projects

  • Staff, clothing donations and funds ensure help for each visitor in the Distribution Center.

Include in your prayers CFI’s April Conference

  • Speakers, such as Chris Mitchell (CBN Middle East), Danny Ayalon (Israeli diplomat), Rick Ridings (Pastor of Succat Hallel), are invited to share on the 70 years of Israel’s independence, current spiritual challenges, and regional dangers.

“Behold, bless the LORD, all servants of the LORD, who serve by night in the house of the LORD. Lift up your hands to the sanctuary and bless the LORD” (Psalm 134:1─2).

“You lit a candle of truth”

Israel is not the root of Middle East’s problems

In the Trump Administration’s national security doctrine, the President has laid out a significantly different policy than the previous Administration had done. In his speech in late December, the President said that not Israel but Iran and radical Islamic terror groups like ISIS are the root causes of the conflicts in the Middle East. The Palestinian leadership has for years successfully promoted the misguided opinion that Israel is the only one to blame. Continue reading

There is no occupation!

When the State of Israel was established in 1948, there was no state called “Palestine”

Amid a quiet building of relations between Israel and more moderate Arab states, a leading Kuwaiti journalist sparked a public outrage in November when he dared to get real about the Jewish State. Writer Abdullah Al-Hadlaq was taking part in a panel discussion on Kuwaiti Al-Rai TV when he not only rejected the notion that Israel is an occupying power, but went so far as to accept the legitimacy of the Jews returning to their ancient homeland.

Continue reading

Project: January 2018

January 2018 Project: Special-Needs Israeli Children

Terrorists target children!


An Arab mob targeting Jewish hikers in Samaria

Islamic terrorists who cover their faces and hide in Mosques and other politically sensitive locations, target Israeli children─where ever they find them. We have read for years about the school bus, pizzeria, bus stop, shopping center and other attacks in the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria.

The latest and the most unthinkable attack took place in Samaria at the end of November. A group of twenty-five boys with two adults from Migdalim were on a planned hiking trip that was approved by the IDF. It was the boys’ private bar mitzvah trip. Suddenly, they saw dozens of Arab young men who began attacking the hikers with stones in a planned ambush.


An Arab mob targeting Jewish hikers in Samaria After a struggle, the hikers managed to run into a cave in an attempt to hide until the army arrives. When the Arab mob tried to force their way into the cave to lynch the boys, they were met with warning shots. The terrorist returned fire along with rocks. At the end, the army rescued the hikers and medics took care of the wounded hikers and terrorists as well. The group was hiking far from Arab villages, however, terror attacks happen everywhere and anytime. Children who have experienced an attack such as this need time to recover. For a few of them, the trauma is too much to overcome. As Israel has suffered from thousands of terror and rocket attacks, there are also hundreds of traumatized children. Join us to assist them and their families. Thank you so much!

Standing together for Israel’s sake

The urgency of the hour

As Israel makes plans for the 70th State Anniversary in April 2018, news about an expected conflict or war from Lebanon or Syria fill the minds of many Israelis. According to reports, Hezbollah has stockpiled a massive quantity of 130,000 rockets in Lebanon which is more than the combined arsenal of all NATO countries─with the exception of the US. Continue reading