Touching lives with love and care

[bscolumns class=”one_half”]Please join us to assist Israeli children with special needs. Together we are making a real difference in their and their families’ lives. Thank you!          [/bscolumns]

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Rosh Tzurim kibbutz offers horseback riding therapy and helps youth to learn practical skills needed in a farm setting.

Children and youth with disabilities and other special needs are a risk group in any country. In Israel, a variety of practical assistance, services, and medical care is necessary to ensure that they, too, will have a fulfilling life as they deserve. In some cases, parents have abandoned their special-needs children. Youth Villages and families with caregiver training are the only  “home” option these children will have.

Children with autism may be the most challenging group to care for. Only in Israel, I have witnessed how, in some cases, autistic children are responding well to treatments and care, and are able to develop some level of communication to join other children for play and other activities. The needs are many from clean bedding, playgrounds and medical equipment to young adults’ sheltered housing. The communities we help are situated in Judea and Samaria.