Lessons from the Life of Moses

“The lessons from the life of Moses all have to do with spiritual character and service. Of course, I do not have to tell you that Moses is one of the greatest characters in the Old Testament, indeed in the Bible.  It is very interesting that there are only two who have been selected to represent all God’s dealings and all His work amongst His own people under the old covenant─Moses and  Elijah. You will remember when the Lord Jesus was transfigured in glory, it was Moses and Elijah who were seen sharing and talking with Him about His exodus? I sometimes wish that we had been there and heard a little of that extraordinary discussion that the Lord Jesus had with Moses and Elijah on that Mount of Transfiguration. The first lesson we learn from the life of Moses is all to do with the calling of God. This word ‘calling’ is everywhere in the New Testament.”  ─ Lance Lambert 

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