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December 2014

Conflict that united the Jewish people

The Jewish Family has become stronger

Natan Sharansky (Chairman of the Jewish Agency) says that the summer’s “Operation Protective Edge brought together the Jewish people as never before. The family has become tighter…the hard core of the Jewish people has become stronger.” Sharansky continues by saying that “during the past war, we saw unprecedented solidarity, consolidation and unity among Israelis and the Jewish people. During this operation, for the first time, I felt like we were working together, the Jewish people and the State of Israel.”

Sharansky acknowledges that anti-Semitism is up, but so is Aliyah (immigration) and that this year more olim (new immigrants) are coming to Israel than in the previous five years. He believes that anti-Semitic incidents and the de-legitimization campaign against Israel have reached new highs in Europe and around the globe as well. Continue reading

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